Welcome to "Vegetarian Yums" digital cafe! Thank you for dropping by! Grab a seat and discover how a vegetarian diet can change your life for good.

Do you want to feel better? Increase your energy? Boost metabolism? Improve sleep? Lose weight permanently without effort? A vegetarian diet can help you achieve all that!

The benefits of a vegetarian diet consuming mostly raw food and nutrient dense cooked food is unparalleled. No pills. No potion. No miracle fixer. Eat healthy. Live happy. Your fate is in your plate.

So, come on in and grab a fruit, kick off your boots and get comfy.  

This is not just for vegetarians, vegans or omnivores but for those who simply want to make an upgrade to their dietary lifestyle to improve health and achieve a healthy weight without deprivation, over-exercising and counting calories.

Most of us know that a nutrient dense vegetarian diet improves our total well-being. Though, it's hard to decide with all the noise in the world! Vegetarian? Vegan or raw food diet? Which one?

Ignore the noise. Let's keep it simple. No worries! These healthy diet recipes will help you achieve a healthy skinny life you've always wanted - for good.

You are what you absorb. We live in an over-processed world breeding with processed food. It's a jungle out there! Eating a simple vegetarian diet high in raw food nourishes ourselves in a cellular level. 

It's been said that we are herbivore by design. Eating a vegetarian raw food diet comprised of primarily fruits and plant foods the way they're packaged by nature is a natural diet for humans. No labels. No listed ingredients. No caloric warnings. Simple. Just bust them open and eat 'em.

So... are you ready to go for that healthy weight you've always wanted? Eat your way to it deliciously. Vegetarianism is a lifestyle! Feast your eyes and dig into delicious weight loss smoothies or sweet juices here.

Want more? There are vegetarian Filipino food recipes thrown in here as well. Own a Vitamix? No? Well, dig deeper into this site as there are lots of mouth watering Vitamix recipes for you.

Upgrade your plate!

Eating a nutrient dense high in natural uncooked food is the best way to maintain a healthy weight effortlessly. The food that we put into our body should not be generated from a factory or made in a laboratory. 

The human body is organic. It does not recognize factory made food and does not know what to do with them. When we feel good, we're glowing with health, therefore we look good.

No scientist can duplicate the enzymes & phyto-nutrients that are present in a fruit and put them into one pill. You want your vitamins tasty, not gag'gy or medicine'y. 

Pink Dragon Fruits
Dragon Fruits in Pink

Food that's made in a lab is dead food. You are what you eat. Additives, hidden salts & sugars, saturated fats, HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) and etc. are major health robbers. 

Eating real food the way they're provided by nature is the simplest way to eat.

Side effects of healthy eating: 

  • Clear skin
  • Enhanced energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Improved sleep
  • Normalize blood pressure or cholesterol. 
  • Weight loss is effortless - you will lose the jiggles.
  • Cost less money - no astronomical medical bills because you'll be healthy!

Experts say that ninety nine percent of the diseases known to man are caused by cheap food-like processed stuff that we put into our body. Processed food are dead food. They are 'hurt' food. Not health food. 

You know what's amazing? If the trillion cells in our body regenerates every few days crying out for nourishment, whatever you ingest or consume becomes YOU. Meaning, if you eat hotdogs everyday, you'll be a walking hotdog! You don't want that, do you?

Advice: Eat a vegan vegetarian diet  high in raw food comprised of all the fruits you care for... Live as juicy as a fruit, as beautiful as a flower and as vibrant as a vegetable... radiating with life synergy and life force. Transform yourself into a glowing healthy YOU.

Here on Vegetarian Yums, you will find easy healthy recipes. There are plenty of raw food recipes here as well. Take my hand and I'll lead you step by step into this digital e-guide to health.

First, let's unzip a banana or two. Eat and repeat. Then, join me in the path to wellness and vibrant life TODAY.

Go ahead! Click those buttons! You will find simple easy mouthwatering and raw food recipes throughout this site. Feast with your eyes first then make them!

A nutrient-dense vegetarian diet high in raw food is the best diet for humans!

Stay veggie, will you?

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May you live long, healthy and happy. Namaste and God Bless!

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Hi there! Would you like to carry a healthy weight without effort? Be the healthy YOU you've always wanted? Let's do it together the vegetarian way! This site has loads of delicious easy vegetarian recipes that go along with helpful information to help you achieve the healthy body you've always dream of. Take care of your body - without it, where would you live?

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