Winter Juicing

Having fun drinking breakfast juice while snowing

Having fun drinking breakfast juice while snowing

Do you still juice in the winter you ask? Sure I do. It might be cold but it gives me the opportunity to have more storage place for fruits and veggies.

Yeah, you read it right. I make my hallway going outside by my laundry room the best place to store my fruits and vegetables. It's very cold there. It's like my extra refrigerator. I keep my veggies there and keep my fridge free of clutter. Neat idea huh?

This year New York got hit by Snow Storm Juno. It's supposed to be the snowpocalypse of 2015. I must've realized that sometimes the weatherman lies you know. But I shouldn't say that... some parts of the tri-state area got dumped with snow real bad. We had about 6 to 7 inches. It was still a lot of snow.

Naturally, I got the chance to play outside. Shoveling is my husband's department so I guess I'm lucky. The pile of snow was unreal. You just gotta have fun. So I did. See that picture? That's me. Our outdoor table was topped with about 7-8 inches of that white flaky stuff. It's a perfect place to chill my breakfast juice.

I juiced a lot of fruits and veggies and I put them outside. The left-over juice that I left outside actually froze slightly. I made a YouTube video about the entire fun as well. Here's that video:

So yeah, I still juice in the winter. Though sometimes life is so busy and the days are shorter. When days are so busy and I really need to keep warm, I drink a cup of warm lemon water first thing in the morning. It really makes a difference. You have got to try it. The recipe is on this website. It's very easy.

Lemon water is very good for you. It my way to keep me warm in the winter. But after that, I make my regular juice and my green smoothie to keep me full and energized at work for a full 8 hours.

Today is just another day. I made a full pitcher of mandarin orange, banana and spinach smoothie for breakfast. Lunch is just a left-over Japanese Onigiri. These should hold me up until Zumba after work.

What's for dinner? Don't ask me that. I can't figure out what to make just yet. It's only lunch time.

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