Why We Relocated To South Florida

Hollywood Boardwalk

Hollywood Boardwalk

For years it has been our dream to pay off the mortgage on our house in New York and relocate somewhere warm. Why? Well, we (my husband and I) think that life is so much easier when it's warm right? Right. We were absolutely right.

We couldn't wait for the 3 years left before it's paid off. We've had it with high New York taxes and the brutal winters. So we sold it, paid the remaining 3 year mortgage balance and relocated to Fort Lauderdale and Miami area - Hollywood to be exact.

We couldn't take the rat race anymore. My hubs' commute to his job in New York city was painful. We were lucky enough to bring our jobs with us so it's just cool. It's a blessing. No more $400 train tickets per month plus subway tickets. That's history.

We are loving it here in South Florida. We bought our new home close to the beach, where there's no such thing as snow. Cold weather and winter is never in my blood, like ever. I'm from the Philippine Islands where there are only two seasons, rainy days and sunny days.

Fruits and vegetables are what I have expected: fresh, juicy, bigger, better and they aren't welted like the ones in the supermarket shelves in New York. Exotic fruits I grew up with are widely available here, so sweet and yummy!

You can walk on flip-flops and shorts here in December. I wouldn't even think of doin' (New York attitude in writing alert) that in New York, Bro. I'd freeze my vegetarian buns off! That's right girl. Summer is endless here.

There's a Farmer's Market very close to where we live. We frequent our visits there on weekends right after church. There's also a well-stocked food market just a stone-throw away from our house which carries all kinds of exotic fruits namely: Guanabana or Soursop, yellow mangoes (just like Filipino mangoes), Sapote and the whole nine yards.

Because of the diverse population in South Florida, I am loving this place. Wherever you go, you hear people speaking in Spanish. Our town (Hollywood) has many French Canadian residents as well.

The food is just what I want, so fresh and so abundant. I don't speak neither French nor Spanish but I'm always open to friendship. Looking forward to meet new amigos y amigas.

Some jokingly call Florida: 'Wrinkle Town USA', meaning, there are lots and lots of people here who are retired. Some Northerners call Tampa Bay 'Tampax Bay or Tampon Bay'. Oh, for the love of Gouda, humans are just mean and complicated.


Well, that's alright because people around here call those from the North 'Snow Birds' because they escape the cold leaving their frigid Igloo behind to warm up here for the winter and return back to the northern hemisphere in the Spring time.

Sounds like a very smart idea if you ask me!

It's December and we're just about to wrap up for the New Years. Guess where we spent our Christmas... you guessed it - at the Hollywood Beach and Boardwalk in sandals and shorts sipping some fresh coconut water. Even Santa was spotted in shorts. The elves were sweating their arse off. Rudolf got a tan on his nose.

I even made a video of my Christmas Story:

Life is easier for me in the morning here because all I have to do is juice about 4 fresh Florida oranges and I'm good to go. Oranges here are like, four for ninety nine cents (you read it right: $0.99 for 4) and some have leaves in them still. Won't you love that?

Though I wouldn't go to Winn Dixie or Publix for my fruits and veggies. As with any heavily commercialized supermarket, their produce are all wilted and carefully arranged on their shelves in uniform. You want oranges? Well, good luck and stay lucky if you can find 20 almost dead oranges on their shelves. Their produce are so limited and really pricey.


So, I'm loving every bit of the Floridian atmosphere. Too hot you say? Well and good. You won't scare me or deter me from living the life I want. I was born in the Philippines. I was summered 25 years of my life and I can take any kind of heat, dry or humid.

What did you say? Hurricane? Well, you get that stuff in almost anywhere you go on the planet. Typhoons in the tropics and hurricanes in the US. Up in New York, you get hurricanes plus snow storms and blizzards too.

Winter is just plain brutal.

Let me leave you alone for a while here. Wishing you a great healthy New Year. May you live long, healthy and happy. Cheers!

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