Wheatgrass Juicing - High potency multivitamin in just a little shot.

Wheatgrass juicing has become very popular these days.

When we say wheatgrass juicing, we're talking straight up ultra green juice with nothing added and still taste pretty good. Dare to try some! You've got nothing to lose but toxins from your body.

wheatgrass ready for juicingA tray of wheatgrass seen at a Farmers Market being used to make that super nutritious and most potent green juice.

The benefits of wheat grass juice is known to be more beneficial than any other green vegetable juices. If you haven't tried a shot, it's time. We promise you it doesn't taste bad as you may think.

Going to a Farmer's Market, we came across a beautiful girl selling wheat grass juice in a little corner stall, 2 bucks for a small shot, and couple bucks more for a bigger one. For two bucks, you get a condensed tasty multi-vitamin in a shot. 

how to drink a shot of wheatgrass juiceAin't no tequila shot. It's wheatgrass shot!

For a starter, you can get a small shot. It packs a whole lot of goodness that makes every single cell in your body all crazy happy ready to dominate the bad cells and to build new healthy ones. Just think of that! The taste is simply sweet, mild and tasty.

Of course just by looking at the wheatgrass displayed on the counter, you may think or see that they look like your overgrown yard that hasn't been mowed for a while. Well, it's grass! But they might as well call it: sweetgrass, mutivitamin grass or even vegetable grass!

Yep. They're packed with tons of vitamins yet to be discovered that no scientist can dupe and put into just one pill. This nectar is tastier than a pill.

If you would like to make your own wheat grass juice, some health food markets carry wheat grass now. But using a masticating juicer like The Omega Nutrition Center Juicer can extract the juice efficiently than any other juicer.

For some folks who are new to green juice, they might have to try it sip by sip each day to really get used to it. But if you can handle green kale juice without issues, you will not have any problem taking a shot of wheat grass juice straight up!

The benefits of wheat grass juice is known to be more potent than any other green juice in terms of detoxification.

The recommended juice extractor for wheat grass is a masticating juicer. You can get this at Amazon in different styles like The Omega 8000 Series types.

So when you pass by a juicing stand and you see an opportunity to take in a shot of this potent green natural multivitamin, don't hesitate to try some. Be adventurous!

And if you're wondering what juicers are good for making this juice, try the Omega 8006 series. They're one of the best juicers in the market that are in expensive and suitable for juicing vegetables.

Below is a video clip of wheatgrass juicing and some beautiful display of this super-healthy-for-you-grass.

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