What is Raw Food exactly?

What is raw food and what's the big deal about it? What's a raw food diet and what does 'going raw' means?  

What is raw food and the raw vegan diet? We'll try to enlighten you with some answers here.

what is raw foodRaw food display complete with raw cranberry sauce, zucchini noodles, sweet potato noodles, pomegranates and sweet Sharon fruits.

Raw food basically means that the food hasn't been heated to a certain point to which the 'live' micronutriens and phytonutrients are still present within the food. 

It took a while for me to figure out what is raw food and how I can incorporate it in my diet. 

Technically, food is considered in raw state when it's not heated above 48 degrees centigrade which is equivalent to about 117 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Raw food diet is all about eating fruits, vegetables like salad, nuts and seeds the way they're presented by nature; untainted, pure, pristine and uncooked. 

When you eat dead animals, you are eating dead carcasses, blood and flesh. When you eat uncooked food like fruits and vegetables in their natural state, they contain all the live nutrients necessary to rebuild every cell in the body which results to clear skin and increased energy leaving you feeling really alive.  

Losing weight is never an issue when you eat raw vegan food. The weight just comes off effortlessly!

Look and feel the way you've always wanted effortlessly and deliciously!

There are a lot of recipe books that you'll find on Amazon about raw food. Check out the Raw and Simple: Eat Well and Live Radiantly with 100 Truly Quick and Easy Recipes for the Raw Food Lifestyle to help you get started.

Raw food, raw vegan and vegetarian diet are all synonymous to each other. These lifestyles are all about eating plant based. But raw food is an extra kind of special. The food are eaten uncooked or unheated to retain all the vitamins and micro-nutrients that are normally destroyed by heat. 

The raw food diet is very easy to follow. Here's why:

  • No cooking involved. Just unzip some bananas and there you have it - a filling meal. 
  • There are less dishes to wash. The dishes don't need scrubbing as there are no baked-on grease to scrub.
  • Raw Food health - I can taste my food as I prepare them without worrying about salmonella poisoning.
  • You save money by not buying animal pieces or products with animal derivatives in them.
  • You save money because you become healthier, you don't need to go to the doctors often.
Ever heard of the 80-10-10 Diet? It's all about eating raw food containing 80% carbohydrates, 10% fat from nuts or seeds and 10% protein from ripe fruits and veggies. Here's the link to one of these books on Amazon: The 80/10/10 Reference Guide on Food Combinations & Nutrition - by Dr. Graham who is the founder of the 80-10-10 Diet.

What is raw food to me:

  • I can eat to my heart's content of all the fruits I care for without gaining any weight. Weight loss is effortless.
  • Because uncooked fruits and vegetables have a high water content, it makes the skin supple and clear.
  • Uncooked food have all the vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients that translate to energy to fuel the body. 
  • Because I don't have to cook them, I don't have pots and pans to wash.
raw foodAvocado Chocolate Mousse

Don't raise those eyebrows on this avocado chocolate mousse. You heard it right, it's made of avocados. Raw food vegan desserts are made without the moo juice. The recipes are often simple with just a couple of ingredients. 

Raw food is the simplest form of diet with very little to no preparation involved.

What is raw food compare to all other types of diets:

Eating uncooked food is a natural diet for humans! Our body is designed to eat raw food... not until fire was invented. Then we started cooking err.. killing our food. Cooking is by far the worst skill humans have acquired!

Whoever invented fire was a genius, but not when it comes to food. Cooking destroys almost all the vitamins and minerals in the food. All the phytochemicals and micro nutrients necessary for a healthy body or heal the body are easily destroyed by heat.

Featured Recipe: Banana Ice Cream Soft Serve for your raw foods diet - made with just one ingredient. Quite possibly the best heart-healthy raw food dessert... read more.

Raw food is by far the best diet for human's health. In raw foods, the enzymes are intact ready to nourish the trillion cells in your body.

The colors are not manufactured or human made. They're pure with more vitamins that are yet to be discovered. 

Just think all the beautiful colors going right into the bloodstream intermingling with the cells like Pac-man all happy eating all the phyto-nutrients.

If you haven't already, it is a must to check out The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Graham for an education about raw food.

The raw food vegan diet is excellent for losing weight without starvation and counting calories. Carb up and eat all the fruits you can get your hands on and not feel guilty in the process.

No more dieting to lose weight

So what is raw food gotta do with weight loss, health and clear skin? Try eating raw food comprised of all the fruits you like, nuts and seeds plus a little green salad for a few week and you'll be amazed how your body becomes a beautiful healthy you! 

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