So what is a Vegan Diet exactly?

Seriously, what is a vegan diet? What do vegans eat? What is the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian? Where and how do you get your protein?

Oh, the boiling questions! But what is a vegan diet really? 

An example of a vegetarian vegan meal: Eggplant steak with the works. It's good enough to eat. Even meat eaters will love this. Won't you? Make dinner easy with great vegan and vegetarian meals.

What do vegetarians eat? Do they eat vegans? 

A vegan diet is just another type of a vegetarian diet that does not include any type of animal meat or derivative in their meals or food.

It's a diet that's good for human health, kind to animals and giving a damn to our planet. Simple as that!

Do vegans eat vegetarians? Oh, kids these days, you know? Well, that's mean!

Vegetarians and vegans eat plant based foods. Although, vegans are more strict than vegetarians as they don't touch anything that has animal in it. Vegetarians and vegans actually have so many food choices. But their food come from plants NOT animals or sentient beings.

Let's get some VEGAN NuGo Dark, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Dairy Free, 1.76-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12) for a snack and let's keep talking vegan here.

Many people follow this lifestyle for different reasons. Some folks do it for their love of animals, meaning that they love animals so they don't like to eat them.

Some people follow a vegan diet or vegetarian lifestyle to improve their health. Some do it for their religion following it for generations.

Headlines are full of animal activists these days promoting these lifestyles and have gained a big impact and popularity over the years resulting in better health and easier happier life in people.

Vegan sandwich

In the real world, dieting is never an option, dieting is a fad, but with vegetarian and vegan meal varieties you will never ever diet again. Veganism is actually a vegetarian lifestyle that's healthy and ecologically good.

Is it hard to be a vegan or vegetarian?

There are books and recipes that you can get on Amazon like Vegan for Everybody: Foolproof Plant-Based Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and In-Between that can help you out.

What is a vegan diet without learning how to cook healthy vegetarian vegan meals? On this website, it's easy to prepare and veganize your favorite food. Browse around for recipes including healthy recipes for kids from fruit smoothies to air-fried dinner fries using very minimal ingredients that can save a lot of money on grocery bills too!

There are more and more people turning to a healthier way of eating cleaning up their plates and upgrading to a healthy vegetarian vegan diets. Simple healthy recipes are a God-send. 

With some super tasty fruit based healthy vegetarian dessert recipes to please your palate without compromising your healthy weight, you can indulge and never ever bulge.

There are still folks who don't really know what is a vegan diet exactly and may ask: What about fish? Is fish an animal? No, vegans don't eat fish and yes, fish is an animal. 

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