What do vegetarians eat? - Eating at home and on the go.

Seriously, what do vegetarians eat while on travel? 

What do vegetarians eat when surrounded by flesh eaters? 

What do vegetarians eat?This is the flight map aboard Japan Airlines heading to Narita International Airport from John F Kennedy airport in New York. Breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks are served on a 16 hour flight.

So I'm sharing with you some short vegetarian snippets of my struggles and adventures following this awesome vegetarian lifestyle.

Keeping life simple with a juicing diet, simple vegetarian recipes and some amazing smoothies is the way to go.

A vegetarian diary that includes travel and snapping photos to share makes me happy. So... come follow me

So get your essentials ready like a JetComfy Travel Pillow and let's embark on a veggie journey.

What do vegetarians eat aboard a US warship? Gotta tell you, it's the most challenging and interesting trip.

Here's my Trip to Japan on an Aircraft Carrier USS George Washington (CVN-73) from Sasebo to Yokosuka:

I went to Japan to board an Aircraft Carrier for 4 days. The plane ride from New York to Tokyo was 18 to 21 hours over all - and that's not including the layover at Narita International Airport to get to Sasebo Station where my sailor's ship was docked.

Vegetarian food was not a very good choice while on the plane but at least they have it.

Vegetarian option for dinner while flying the friendly skies.

Of course the vegetarian choices for your meals are minimal and not as good as the food you cooked at home but at least I wasn't eating dead animal flesh and sucking on the bones.

Samples of Vegetarian food to eat while in Japan and on the ship:

Yo can just relax with your JetComfy Travel Pillow and don't worry about food too much. Just enjoy the journey.

While in Sasebo and Yokosuka Japan:

While on the ship cruising Japan Sea:

Below is the video of my adventure on an Aircraft Carrier:

Practicing vegetarianism is hard in Asia unless you are a pesce vegetarian because these countries are really big on fish. But if you are a strict vegetarian a.k.a vegan, you might find it a challenge. 

Though there are so many other food choices for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. There are loads of Asian vegetarian desserts to choose from as well. The rice desserts are amazing. They're clean without animal derivatives in them.

So you won't have a problem there. You will not starve! Promise!

A genius idea when traveling is to get something like this: A Cooler Tote Insulated Lunch Bag to tote snacks for long distance travel.
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