Vitamix Blender Reviews 

Have you read all the Vitamix Blender reviews? If you haven't, you really should before buying one. The Vitamix Blender is a monster in the kitchen. 

For sure all Vitamix blender reviews out there says this appliance makes life so much easier in the kitchen. It can chop, puree, pulverize and even cooks soup.

The Vitamix Turboblend working a breakfast smoothie.

Discerning chefs, home cooks and raw food enthusiasts around the world trust the Vita-mix to prepare their meals faster, easier, tastier and healthier.

We'll give you more Vitamix blender reviews right here. It can pulverize, chop and even make hot steamy soup right in its own pitcher. 

Making smoothies is a snap. Just cram all the fruit and veggies together and run it. With it's powerful motor, the fruits and vegetables are pulverized in just mere seconds.

It's the best blender for smoothies! You put frozen fruits in the container and you get a smooth frozen fruit dessert. You like blizzard shakes and snow cones right? No problem. Grind some ice cubes and you're good.

Delicious nutritious drink is made no time with this appliance. Making coconut milk and other nut milks is so easy with the Vitamix.

You don't need any other appliance that can chop and puree food. Why clutter the counter top with any other? Need flour? Make it fresh from scratch. 

We use the Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend, 2-Speed. It's truly amazing!

The anatomy of the Vitamix

Vitamix Blender AnatomyThe anatomy of the Vitamix

The On and Off switch control is very simple. You turn dial knob to control variable speed and a toggle for switching to High speed.

The variable-speed dial is intended for thick or hot mixtures, to chop foods or grind meat (though I don't use it for meat but it certainly can do the job easily). 

You have total control over the blending process. It gets the job done in mere 30 seconds flat!

It's powerful motor is the  biggest advantage to this blender (approximately 2 peak horsepower). It grinds and processes food quickly and smoothly.

Like shown in the commercials, if you process a mixture at high speed for long enough, a delicious soup is born piping hot! 

Most package deal comes with a DVD that shows you how to use the machine, a recipe book with a selection of whole foods recipes, owner's manual and a tamper that lets you push thick or frozen ingredients into the blade safely while the machine is running.

The co-polyester (plastic) blending jar is generously sized at 64 ounces, and it has a redesigned lid that has a twist-out plug that doubles as a measuring cup. Some models come in black and red.

Another awesome feature of this blender is the choice of the pitcher. Low cabinet space? Get the Vitamix 016228 Low Profile 64 oz/2.0 L Wide Container. It slides neatly right under the cabinet.

The 64 ounces jar makes it easy to prepare large quantities of mixtures, like soups, without having make them in batches. The blades are attached to the blender base which make it super safe to clean, and there are no pieces to take apart.

Other Vitamix Blender Reviews?

Well, cleaning is a quick and easy. Just fill your Vitamix blender with soapy water and run it for a few moments before rinsing it out. Or, just hit it with your faucet spray and it cleans so easily.

Quick Vitamix Recipes

Another favorite: A smaller pitcher.

Frozen Chocolate dessert with KaleEnjoy Frozen Desserts with your Vita-Mix. Blend and freeze for a healthy fat-free and sugar-free treat.

There's a lot of positive feedback and amazing Vitamix blender reviews from different people who loves this indispensable kitchen appliance.

But there's no need to read more Vitamix Blender reviews. Get yourself one if you don't own it already and start making yummy soups, sauces and desserts!

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