Join forces with vegetarian websites that can offer tips, guides, recipes and information about food and cruelty-free lifestyle.

Excellent vegetarian websites, vblogs and links to healthy food enthusiasts that joined forces together to offer loads of information about healthy eating and cruelty-free lifestyle.

Today, vegetarian websites, vblogs and various sources of information about healthy eating are a 'one stop shopping deal' all in one place on the web. Like your favorite shopping center... there's a nook where you can learn valuable information, eat, shop and rest all at the same time. It's genius!

Chew on all these information:

YouTube Vegetarian Vblogs:

We love watching videos these days. Videos and websites have replaced televisions for some. If you ask me, I don't watch TV anymore and if I do, I use streaming videos to watch movies. 

We love making videos too as much as we love watching them. To be specific, videos on vegetarianism, the ecosystem in crisis and all that other stuff that pertain to our green planet really interests me the most. - This is the link to where you can watch a lot of instructional vegetarian food videos here about healthy cooking and vegetarian travel survival. Some videos were filmed in New York, some were filmed in Asia like the Philippines and Japan.

As the channels vlogging continues, most of the videos are filmed in South Florida and other exciting places.

Subscribe to our channel for yummy video updates about living vegetarian. - This channel is geared towards fun and travel videos. It's not so much about vegetarianism but this channel is segregated from our vegetarian vblog.

Subscribe to this channel for fun videos from New York, Japan, Philippines and South Florida as well.

Being a vegetarian traveler is exceptionally hard. Watch some videos from the links above and you'll find some fun informative guide traveling and healthy eating.

Books and eBooks have loads of information to guide on your healthy journey as well. Find the best selling ebooks on Amazon and Lose Weight Effortlessly.

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May you live long, healthy and happy. Namaste and God Bless!

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