Vegetarian Vegan Products for a healthy, easy and cruelty-free living.

Here are some top picks of recommended vegetarian vegan products, tools and gadgets to make life a little easier.

Do you use vegetarian vegan products from purses, coats, kitchen gadgets, make-up brushes and accessories? If you do, then you're a true vegan.

Recommended vegetarian vegan products for a cruelty-free living:

Vegan make-up - You might have heard it or read somewhere that beauty products manufacturers test animals in the most cruel way possible to develop their products. Animals suffer and die for the sake of human beauty. That's not pretty at all.

Vegan makeupUsing Vegan Make-up makes a difference for you and the animals

Vegan Make-Up Brushes

Looking for vegetarian vegan products for hair?

Try Henna Permanent Hair Dye to bring out the best color naturally in every type of hair. 

Gray hair issues? No problem! Turn those grays their absolute reds!

You would wish you can grow more grays!

Hair Color Issues? Let nature give you the best hair color with Henna!

We've read about disturbing articles that are really highly graphic while testing animals like monkeys to develop their make-up line and beauty products. The animals form skin lesions, blisters and their skin get burn the awful process. 

Vegan Purse - These are just as pretty as the designer leather purses out there and there were no animals that have been skinned just so you can carry a leather purse around.

Avoid down comforter and pillows - Birds have been plucked and killed for their feathers. What for? Just so humans can sleep in fluffy comforts sacrificing the birds.

Avoid leather boots or furs - Animal skin don't really look good in humans. They look better on animals. Why would you want to even look like an animal anyway? 

Suggested vegetarian vegan products for your kitchen to make yummy vegan food.

A vegetarian's refrigerator filled with yummy fruits and vegetables.

Healthy living is easier than you think specially when your kitchen is well equipped with efficient affordable tools that get the job done.

As vegetarian vegan consumers, we feel better when we use products  that do not contribute to animal cruelty. But where do we find them? Well, we helped you find them here.

Make a great health investment with products that will improve the way you live, keep you healthy for years to come and live a cruelty free life and lifestyle.

Recommended Efficient Vegetable Shredder:

Recommended list of tools products the kitchen:

  • A high speed blender is absolutely necessary in a vegetarian kitchen. The best blender is the one that gets the job done.
  • Invest on a good juicer. There are affordable juicers and there are also those that are pricey. The best juicer is the one that best suit your needs. Look at the top juicers at Amazon.
  • Vegetable Shredder - this is a nifty little gadget to have. It make life in the kitchen so much easier when you want to stir-fry something and you don't have to painstakingly mince and chop your fruits and veggies.
  • A basic grater - you know, the one you use to grate cheese. This gadget can also be used to grate ginger, garlic, potatoes or any hard fruit or veggie.
  • Potato or vegetable peeler - this item comes very handy. You can peel a potato with it, a cucumber or an apple. Just peel away!
  • A nice big wood chopping board. You can't live without it. A good chopping board must be made of wood. So what if they chip a little. It's better than the plastic ones that can also shred little fragments of plastic overtime. You don't need plastic in your food, do you?
  • A nice big pitcher - you need it for your juices. 
  • A set of mason jars - these are air-tight containers necessary for storing left-over juices to prevent oxidation keeping it fresh for up to 12 hours.
  • A good Juicing Book if you're crazy with juices and want to seriously lose weight for life.
  • Big mixing bowls - big containers that will work from washing your fruits to mixing your vegetarian salads and fruit desserts.
  • A cheese cloth - this doesn't mean that you would use this for cheese. This is a handy tool when you're making coconut milk or almond milk and you don't want to include the pulp. So you train it with this cloth.
  • Fruit Molds and Fancy cutters to make those gorgeous and fancy arrangements of fruits and vegetables.
  • Pretty little dishes and so on and so forth... 
Best Cherry PitterMy Favorite Cherry Pitter.

A well stocked kitchen is happy cook's kitchen. It's capable of making those awesome delicious dishes from mouthwatering cooked food to raw foods.

It's like a messy kitchen is not a bad thing. It's actually a better place than those with flower pots on the stove which means that there's no cooking action going on there. Yup, nada is happening there. It's like uncapable of producing high density yummies and goodies.

All in all, following a vegan lifestyle includes avoidance of leather, feather and furs. Go and accessorize responsively with Vegan Products

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