Are you a vegetarian traveler? What veggie food do you eat?

If you are a vegetarian traveler you must have encountered difficulties with food choices. 

flight map from New York to TokyoAs a vegetarian traveler, you can be sure you'll be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner on a 16 hour flight while crossing the International Dateline. You might want to bring some food aboard.

Vegetarian traveler's nightmare: Airplane and Airport Food.

  • Airplane food - Sometimes you just want to settle for peanuts!
  • Airport food - these food are very expensive yet aren't very healthy for you. Too many junk food and they cost too much!
  • When traveling by wheels, every stop to find good food is close to impossible.

You may want to bring some healthy vegetarian snacks.

Plan ahead and pack your food in your favorite lunch box or a Nice Looking Bento Box!

We're guessing you've been to Japan and you're a veggie. That makes you a vegetarian traveler. We went to Yokosuka Japan and ate Mochi, Onigiri and so many other Asian vegetarian yums!

So what is mochi? Mochi is one of the vegetarian food I came across with while traveling. I suppose it's native to Japan because you'll see them right on the package and labels with the language. If you have access to Asian market near you, find these sweet things and buy some.

I travelled to Japan to be with my son aboard a US Aircraft Carrier USS George Washington on a Tiger Cruise for 4 days. It was my first time in a sushi-eating country and I did not understand a thing of Japanese.

I don't speak the language so it's hard to be picky. How do you ask for a Japanese vegetarian entree on the menu? Well, it's almost impossible. I thought I'd just shut my mouth about the V word and not start with vegan vs vegetarian convo. Just be a pescatarian. Loads of fish are served there.

They had a lot of mochi so I grabbed some of those and I tucked them in my tote bag with a bottled water.

Our first stop was at the US Naval Base in Yokosuka. We went there to buy some Navy souvenirs and some gifts. Before we got there we stopped at the station to get some tickets.

Japanese OnigiriOnigiri displayed on the shelves of 7-11 in Japan.
Here's a DIY Onigiri Rice Ball Maker if would like to make some of your own Onigiri.

Seven Eleven have some Japanese Onigiri displayed on their shelves. I can't read Japanese but I made sure that they're the ones with the plum filling! These quickly became my survival food. 

Yokohama was loaded with everything Chinese Food, the best Chi food I've ever tasted. Though they also have Indian food as well. You may ask, what's an Indian Food doing in Japan? Well, they have it and they have the best tasting Naan ever!

If like tea, they have the best. Now I get them from Amazon. This is the Organic Matcha Green Tea that come close to what I had traveling Japan.

You may think that your vegetarian food is only limited to a tofu based dish and some common oriental salads. Nope. There are lots of vegetarian choices on the menu.  

So what do vegetarians eat while in Japan?  There are plenty of veggie dishes to choose from. Even without an interpreter, like my son who speaks Japanese, I have survived as a vegetarian traveler. 

I also learned a to ask for more tea in Japanese. Mo ocha onegaishimasu! That means: "Some more tea please."

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