Vegetarian Travel Challenge - Staying healthy when you say 'Bon Voyage' 

Why is vegetarian travel a challenge? Because you can't just grab a donut and a cup of joe and call it a vegetarian entree'. 

Here are some vegetarian travel food experiences roaming around with a full belly. Do you plan on traveling and afraid of falling off the veggie wagon? Fear no more. The following are the best choices of food that I came across on my travel excursions.

vegetarian travelFlight map of the 16 hour ride from New York John F. Kennedy to Narita International, Tokyo Japan. We lost a day crossing the International Date Line.

Vegetarian travel can be a challenge for most veggie people whether traveling by plane or by car.  

Unless you want to be a vegetarian junkie then you can just have some dead bread with a cup of coffee!

That's no way to live!

Here are some vegetarian ideas that you can bring with you packed in Bento Boxes or Lunch Boxes.
  • small fruits like grapes or even bananas
  • fruit salads
  • green salads - be creative!
  • vegetarian lumpia
  • California rolls -vegetarian sushi
  • Or be adventurous and make some Japanese Onigiri

In Asia like Japan and the Philippines in particular, they have a lot of meat based foods. They are also a fish eating countries so if you are a Pescetarian or you are following a semi-vegetarian lifestyle, you are going to love their cuisine. But sticking to a veggie vegan diet wasn't that much of a challenge.

There are so much food to choose from!

Vegetarian Food Choice while in Japan

Dinner at the Tower - Minato Mirai, Tokyo
Japanese Food Menu at Minato Mirai

On vegetarian travel in New York and at home on Long Island and Suburbs

Glass Noodles at Yakiniko Buffet, New York

Vegetarian Food while in the Philippines

Taro Leaves with Coconut Milk - Naga City Philippines

Eating veggies around town in South Florida (There is going to be a lot of these because I live here now.) 

With just a little preparation, you can also make your trip so much healthier than just relying on airport food or junkie vegan fast-food. 

So in a nutshell, you have to be prepared packing some nutritious vegan food for your A favorite favorite bag to put our lunches for work or travel is an Insulated Lunch Bag - Durable Lunch Box with Drink Cooler Compartment. Detachable Shoulder Strap + 3 Plastic Food Storage Containers with Ice Pack Included.

Since you cannot bring any liquid of any form with you to the airport, it doesn't hurt to bring an empty water bottle and fill it up with water when you get passed the security check.

It's not a problem traveling on the road, you can bring the biggest bottle of liquid all you want, thank goodness. All you need is a big cooler.

If you're like me who's really into getting my fresh juice for the day, I make my juice and I just chug it down before I head on or you can just settle for Naked juice when you get there.

Before you embark on a travel, check this book called the "Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travel: Best Places to See."

But when traveling overseas, expect to come across many different foods that are simply delicious and addicting. While traveling to Japan I came across this triangular tasty rice wrapped in toasted Nori. They're called Onigiri. and I just cannot stop eating them.

Japanese Onigiri is filling and they are cheap so I had to settle for these after I ate all the fruits I brought with me. I was told that they're also called Japanese rice balls.

This stuff is so tasty and you can put any filling you want. I like the ones that are filled with pickled plum. They're sour and salty and I like the marriage of both flavors.

So if you ever travel to Asia and happen to spot this on the shelves at Narita International, grab a couple. They're a delicious vegetarian airport food and in terms of nutrition, they're way better than crackers, cookies, donuts and pastries.

Want more? Don't forget to subscribe some amazing vegetarian travel videos on YouTube.

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