Vegetarian Sushi Recipe - Simple, fat-free take-along finger food.

Do you like vegetarian sushi? Nay or Yay? Here's a vegetarian sushi recipe for the non-fish eater.

Vegetarian-Sushi RecipeVegetarian Sushi Recipe that's really art in a sense. You get the hang of it rolling the rice and the veggies in for a beautiful platter.

Let this vegetarian sushi recipe come to the rescue. This is for those who do not eat fish but still want some of those rolled rice in nori sheets.

But what's a sushi without the fish, you ask? Well, simple... you can't be a vegetarian if you eat fish. Well, actually you may just call yourself a pescetarian or pescatarian.

Some people call this California Rolls. What? Yup, these rice rolls just have so many versions! 

In Japan, they'll probably laugh at you and your California Rolls. They make their sushi with super fresh fishes. 

Traditional sushi don't really look like this. Well, traditional pizza doesn't look like some crazy pizza we've seen either! Pizza has so many versions too. So, let's do what we can and make this veggie! Clean food is so much better anyways.

Rice are grown in amazing varieties throughout the world. But sticky or glutenous rice is used to mold into shapes for sushi and Onigiri. They're also used to make other amazing Asian rice desserts

Real Sushi is actually real raw fish over some rice served with special sauce and wasabi. You eat the rice with the fish together and savor every piece with just a dab of wasabi. Then you follow it with a few pieces of pickled ginger. 

Here's a recommended tool if you want to make your veggie sushi, the Bamboo Sushi Making Kit.

There's no secret to a good vegetarian sushi recipe. It's in the rice. Gotta make it tasty because it's the base. Here's the low-down for this vegetarian sushi recipe:

  • about 2 cups of sticky rice
  • 5 tablespoon or rice vinegar
  • 3 tablespoon of sugar
  • a pinch of sea salt

For the Filling:

1 Hass Avocado thinly sliced

1 carrot julienned into long thin strips

1 cucumber (English or regular) sliced into strips

1 cup sauteed portabella mushrooms marinated in garlic, onion, sea salt and a bit of tamari sauce (soy sauce).

Cook the rice in the Amazing Rice Cooker.

When done, let it cool so that it's not too hot to work on. In a small bowl mix the rice vinegar, sugar and salt. Stir the mixture well into the cooled rice. Use your hands to mix it.

Take some Nori sheets and lay it out flat on a bamboo sushi mat. Take about 2 tablespoon of steamed rice and spread them into the nori sheet covering about half of it. Put a piece of avocado, carrot & cucumber strip and a piece of the mushroom on the edge of the nori sheet with the rice.

Roll the mat pressing firmly with your fingers making sure the veggie filling is encased in the sheet of rice. 

Cut in about 1 inch pieces and arrange on a pretty platter.

Here's a Bamboo Sushi Mat if you don't have them. It's really easy to roll the rice with this tool.

This tasty little rolls are prefect for picnics. You can serve them on special occasion too. This huge plate of gorgeous rolls was actually for a buffet on Christmas Eve. It was delicious served with all other festive food on the table.

This is a low fat vegetarian sushi recipe you can put in your list when you are following a simple vegetarian diet. It's a great vegetarian snack and finger food anytime! No need to heat. Eat them 'as is' - cold.

vegetarian sushiConed vegetarian sushi. This one is also a California roll with a different twist.

The secret is in the rice. In Asia, like the Philippines, there's 'sticky rice' because it's stickier than the normal rices. They're shorter. You steam them just like the regular type.

Making sushi is an art. People go to school to learn how to make that stuff.

How to eat sushi the right way:

You don't just dunk the roll in some sauce, take a pinch of wasabi and pickled ginger putting them in your mouth all together. You gotta savor the fish with the rice first then rinse your palate with some ginger.

But with this veggie version, you don't need to know all that! This vegetarian sushi recipe has no rules.

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