Vegetarian Soba Noodles - So tasty, you'll never miss the animal flesh version.

Have you tried the vegetarian soba noodles? No? Well, meet the Japanese Soba Yaki, the vegetarian pan-fried soba noodles.

Vegetarian Soba Noodles known as Soba Yaki was served to us in Tokyo while gallivanting the streets.

Soba Yaki Fried Soba NoodlesJapanese Soba Yaki eaten for lunch while gallivating the streets of Tokyo. It has mushrooms, Japanese veggies and Lotus roots with all the works.

Call it Sobayaki or Yakisoba, we don't really mind how you call it. I'm just so glad I came across this Japanese vegetarian soba noodles while cruising the streets of Tokyo.

It was absolutely delicious that the next time I visit an Asian restaurant here in the States, I will surely look for this noodle.

So what is Soba Yaki? Japanese Soba Yaki is a delicious dish of soft tasty pan fried Buckwheat Soba noodles.

Our food were served on wooden plates that made it real special. I've got this attachment to Beautiful Wooden Plates called 'Acaciaware'. I think they're the best!

If you are ever in any place in Japan or even in any Asian or a Japanese restaurant anywhere in the world, look for Soba Yaki on the menu and you won't be disappointed.

They served us amazing authentic Japanese food on the double complete with Ninjin Juice (carrot juice) and grapefruit juices to wash the food down.

Japanese Ninjin JuiceNinjin Juice also known as Carrot Juice. It tasted better when called Ninjin. Ha!

The day was at its height and we're like a hunger stricken bunch after riding the train from Yokosuka to Tokyo transferring from one station to another. If you are not used to taking the train, you have to prepare yourself for this travel experience.

We must have transferred trains at least four times from Yokosuka train station before we got to the heart of Tokyo. It was tiring and of course we needed something to eat for lunch, pronto.

We passed by street markets and corner streets where there were restaurants wherever you look. To my amazement, there were even vegan food choices, gluten-free food and smoothie stands including juice bars! 

Narita Airport Juice BarThe juice bar and smoothie bar at Narita International Airport. I had a glass of that green juice and it was really yummy.
Noone's new to smoothies. There were High Speed Blenders lined up even at the airport.

But because I was traveling with omnivores, I just have to compromise and just be cool. We settled to go to a secluded small restaurant where you climb two flight of stairs up overlooking a busy street where you can see, you know, street action going on. 

Yes, now I know that there are lots of vegetarian food in Japan that a traveling veggie like me can survive on. I got my authentic Japanese Soba Yaki and they got their seafood options.

Everybody was happy.

Here's our lunch video while cruising the streets of Tokyo.

Soba is cooked in different variations much like the Ramen noodles. There's the cold Soba and there's the hot cooked and pan fried. There's also the vegetarian buckwheat soba noodles which is the healthiest version of them all.

But just like the Ramen noodles, you bet you can always make the vegetarian soup version of it. 

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