Yummy vegetarian sandwich recipes for days when you can't figure out what to make for your next healthy meal.  

You want fries with your veggie sandwich? Sure. Let's keep it real with mouthwatering vegetarian sandwich recipes here.  

Vegetarian Sandwich Recipes - for any meal, anytime of your day. It's loaded with fiber and raw 'live' sprouts that's so good for the body.

Feeling hungry? This vegetarian sandwich come to the rescue to satisfy the beast of your hunger. Who could resist a yummy healthy meal prepared with only fresh natural ingredients? No more mystery meat - just a delicious simple real meal that your body craves.

The simpler the food, the better! So, keep it real. Let's eat. Healthy vegetarian sandwiches should be packed with nutrition and are easy enough to assemble.

Did you ever have a meal that made you want to take a nap after eating it? Well, maybe what you ate just didn't agree with your digestion. Meat makes your insides work so hard to digest it for hours. It's time to go for the veggie version.

Chewing on veggie meals loaded with plant fiber not only satisfies your hunger but it keeps you full for hours with quality energy. They're easy on the digestion compared to animal flesh food. What's in between your bread?

Here are vegetarian sandwiches that are perfect for your Lunch Box.
Served with olives, it's a perfect totable food for work or for a picnic. It's easy on the pocket as well. Buying lunches is out.
  • Roasted red & green peppers
  • home-made hummus spread
  • Home grown alfalfa sprouts
  • Toasted sourdough bread
  • Tomatoes and olives on the side
  • Toast 2 slices of sourdough bread if desired.
  • Spread hummus on them instead of Mayo
  • Layer the roasted peppers.
  • Throw in some olives and cherry tomatoes if you like.
  • Put some alfalfa sprouts for the green factor

That's it! Easy.

It's super easy to make. Simply delicious. Filling yet light and a very comfortable feel in the tummy all day long. It's so much better than a meal that makes you want to take a nap after ingesting it causing an IBS coming on. Go veggie. You are gonna love the feeling!

Just learning how to become a vegetarian? Nothing beats easy vegetarian sandwiches for a healthy meal in a hurry.

If you're packing lunch for work, pack them in containers, put one in your Lunch Box and you're set.

Roasted green and red peppers go perfect for sandwiches. Pair up two slices of slightly toasted bread with home-made hummus spread and you got yourself a really tasty veggie lunch... even good enough for a simple healthy dinner too!

Hummus is a great vegetarian vegan replacement for mayonnaise. It's so creamy and it's a vegetarian protein source from the garbanzo beans. It's also light on the calories. If you are watching your caloric intake, definitely go for this vegetarian sandwich recipe with the hummus. 

More healthy vegetarian recipes like this will change the way you look at nutritious eating. Who wouldn't want a stress-free meal preparation that's easy on the budget and very nutritious too.

Here's a video of a Vegetarian Picnic on the boat. Vegetarian sandwiches are always welcome aboard.

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