Vegetarian Sandwich Ideas 

What you put in between your bread is your business! So here are some vegetarian sandwich ideas you can stick with. 

Here are some healthy vegetarian sandwich ideas for you. Give your sandwich a little character. Put whatever you want in between your slices of bread. No rules. 

vegetarian sandwich ideasVegan vegetarian sandwich with sprouts and roasted peppers on a sour dough bread with lots of olives. Some garlicky hummus is in it for some creaminess.

So you just want a sandwich, right? Well, make it vegan or vegetarian!

Whether you just want a sandwich for lunch, brunch or for dinner... you need something tasty that will satisfy your hunger. 

Don't make it boring. Put a healthy twist into your meal. 

A pita is an alternative to a boring slice of bread. There are so many healthier versions of breads out there that will give your sandwiches some 'bam'!

We got some vegetarian sandwich ideas. We'll start with a good bread.

  • Use Pumpernickel bread instead of the plain and boring white bread that's made of white bleached flour.
  • A sprouted bread is a very good option too. Most sprouted breads can be found in a refrigerated section of the supermarket.
  • Use a pita bread. Once you cut or break is in half, it just invites you to put a good filling in it to make a great sandwich.
  • Sourdough bread is a better option than plain old white bread. 
Make your Lunch Box a little special.
Vegan Sandwich

Sprouts. Because lettuce just got boring!

  • Roasted peppers will make a good filling. 
  • A creamy Cole Slaw will do the same.
  • Ever heard of tomato sandwich? Yum. So yeah, tomatoes make a good filling.
  • Cucumber sandwich is good too. Crunchy slices of cucumber makes a good vegetarian sandwich
  • Sprouts can be added into the sandwich as well. Sprouts are living food with lots of nutrients. It adds more fiber to your diet for some roughage that the colon needs.
  • The kid preferred and mother approved peanut butter and jelly is nice.

Hold the mayo: Forget the commercial mayonnaise that's full of preservatives. Use a cashew mayo instead. If you want, you can also use some garlicky hummus to smother into the bread.

A favorite sprouter is the Deluxe Kitchen Crop 4-Tray Seed Sprouter by VICTORIO. The 4 trays is very useful. You just use the sprouts you need from one tray and save the other three for later.

Don't forget the olives and a pickle on the side!

Wash it down with a tall glass of fresh perfect lemonade and you're set.

Other vegetarian vegan sandwich ideas? What's your favorite that you stick with day and day out? Is it veggie? Well and good.

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