Vegetarian Salad Recipes - Step up to the Salad Bar!

Are meals in your house lean on greens? If so, here are Vegetarian Salad Recipes for you. It's food that sweep your colon squeaky clean! 

Feast on some detoxifying vegetarian salad recipes that you can make for the family.  You can make them for dinner or healthy lunches, your choice.

You know you need all the roughage! Let vegetarian salads be on the daily menu. Whether you want them as a side dish, a main dish or even a fruit salad for dessert. You can never go wrong with a bowl of these creative dishes.

Even if you're a hot mama who can't cook, your body deserve some rocking vegan food health.  Make a simple upgrade to your diet by eating a bowl of fresh salad everyday. It can pay off plenty of health benefits for you. It prevents the digestive system from backing up, thus, helps the body eliminate toxins through the bowels. They're like the broom that sweeps your colon clean!

Rock your veggie world with these super easy vegetarian salad recipes.

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Summer Garden Salad
Easy simple mixed salad - Easy ingredients
Vegan Caesar Salad Dressing
Garden Salad Recipes - the Super Bowl

Fruit Salads

Other Salad Mixes

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Local Greens eaten with Colombian Arepa
Garden Salad with fresh herbs
Fun with Sprouts and olives!

Sauces, Dressings and Dips

Pesto Sauce directly from the garden
Easy Italian Salad Dressing

How about a Fruit Lover's Salad?

Flavor of the Month Salad
Perfect No-cook dessert

Red Cabbage Slaw: The cabbages are dressed with creamy cashew dressing and cashew cheese. Don't forget the olives! Be creative. Salad recipes are fool proof! It's so easy, a caveman can do it.

Red Cabbage SlawRed and Green Cabbage Slaw with Cashew Mayonnaise.

Red cabbage which is really purple, is an excellent vegetable. It is said that cabbage is great for the digestive tract and it is known to cure stomach ulcers. Sneak these into your vegetarian sandwiches or healthy lunch recipes. 

Vegetarian salad recipes are designed to be made with speed without compromising taste. That's what veggie salads are about. 

Adopting a raw food diet plan is quite easy with putting your favorite veggies or fruits together into a salad. Reap the benefits of a a raw food diet with salads that double as fruit desserts.

Vegan Humor

Envirolicious - Organically grown and tasty.

These cucumbers and home grown tomatoes are envirolicious!

Making salads is a sure way to add big time nutrition to your meal in far less time than cooking a big pot of food. There are so many ways to create a healthy salad. With little creativity you can make a healthy meal done in without having to turn your stove on.  

Salads are the easiest to prepare of all raw food diet recipes - anyone can make them. You don't have to be a cook or a raw foodist to make an excellent bowl of crunchy goodness loaded with nutrition that your body cries out for.

If you're new to a vegetarian diet, try some simple salad recipes to start. It's the simplest one to prepare of all the raw food diet recipes. 

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