Vegetarian Recipes for Kids - Kid preferred, parent approved!

Preparing food for picky eaters is a challenge. Here are some fun vegetarian recipes for kids that you and your youngsters will love.

Vegetarian recipes for kids that are fun to make is what you need. We know that as a parent we want our kids to grow up healthy and drill into them how important it is to eat nutritious food everyday.

Strawberry dessert for kidsVegetarian recipes for kids don't have to take a lot of preparation. By making them fun and kid-themed, they're likely to participate in the kitchen.

It's hard when you have a child who's a very picky eater. Making them to eat healthy is a challenge and stressful.

You can't drag them to the table kicking and screaming, right? They just won't eat the food you made for them!

Yikes. But there's light to this situation.

Here are some tips you can do for the pickiest eater in the family. By making the recipes fun, they will want to even participate in the kitchen.

As a parent, now grandparent, I know how hard it is to have a picky kid. By experience, one thing kids love is finger food. French fries is not an option for sure unless I make them myself.

Who wouldn't want a dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner, right? Give them ice cream for dinner. Get that icecream recipe here.

You can always turn their meals into a dessert. Create a nutrient dense meals in a hurry in a High Speed Blender.

FUN Tips!

healthy snacks for kidsMy 6 year old grandson with all smiles. We had fun making this strawberry art.

Fruits and Vegetables

  • Fruits almost takes no preparation at all. You just wash them and eat them. If you put healthy food on the table, the kids will eat healthy food. But if you food bad food on the table, they'll eat bad food. Make cucumber wedges and a cashew sauce for a healthy vegetarian dip!

Do they like French Fries? Air-fry some real potatoes!

For healthier fried potatoes, opt for air-fried fries. They are better than the grease infused potato fries. Investing on an air fryer is better than owning a deep fryer. You'll get to make the healthier versions of the kids' favorite foods.

Fried vs. Air-Fried

  • To make french fries for the kiddos, the best bet is to make them in an air-fryer. It doesn't take a lot of oil and therefore the fries you're giving to your kids is healthier than the scary french fries you get from the fast food chain.
  • Fried foods absolutely creates a big problem when making vegetarian recipes for kids. Why? The bad fats saturates the food we're feeding them and boy, do we have a lot of cleaning to do from all those splatters

Vegetarian Recipes for Kids using the Air-Frier - The Healthier Fries!

Air fried potatoes
  • 2 medium to large poatoes
  • a bit of olive oil.
  • Garlic powder
  • Salt and Pepper

You can use the air-fryer for cooking just about anything that you usually fry.

The food comes out crispy and non-greasy, healthy and kid-friendly.

Most kids love French fries. Make it air fried using a Favorite AirFryer for a healthier version!

Wash, peel and slice the potatoes for fries. Put them into a large mixing bowl and sprinkle some salt, pepper and garlic powder. Drizzle a little bit of olive oil or peanut oil or whatever oil you have available. Mix slightly with your hand to coat the potato wedges with the seasonings.

Arrange in an Air Fryer basket and run it. You'll have the perfect fries in 15 minutes!

Most kids love French fries. Make it air fried for a healthy version.

How to have fun with food!

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