The Best Vegetarian Ramen Noodles

The best vegetarian ramen noodle soup I've eaten was in Sasebo Japan.

A big bowl of vegetarian ramen noodle was just the right food to eat in the midst of a rainy summer day in Sasebo. This piping hot goodness came with onigiri finger food on the side, all for a mere buck and change.

Vegetarian Ramen NoodlesSuper delicious Ramen Noodle soup served to us in Sasebo underneath a canvas in the unstoppable pouring rain in August in Sasebo Japan.

We were walking around in a famous park in Sasebo while it was raining cats and dogs. The rain was pouring like mad. It was around August and the summer heat was really sniffling and sticky to say the least.

When you travel Asia, specifically Japan, you can expect to eat the best vegetarian ramen soup with all the works. For a mere buck and a half or so, you get a huge bowl of it and maybe a salad on the side, possibly some Onigiri too.

This made me think of getting myself a nice Onigiri Maker and Sushi Rice Mold so I can make my own Onigiri and reminisce our Sasebo trip.
Japanese OnigiriJapanese Onigiri served with a huge bowl of the freshest Ramen Noodles on the planet.

We went to a place that looks like a museum of amazing gigantic porcelain display or everything porcelain!

I ate my heart out looking at all those wonderful display. I could've just settled for a Japanese GEISHA Doll but they were humongous!

Being an Oriental myself and coming from the tropics, I'm used to the humidity and I don't complain about it. No problem there. We were looking for a place to eat inside the park but even though it was raining like mad, the park was filled with people.

We stopped by a food shack and ordered something to eat for lunch. To my surprise, the vegetarian ramen soup was the best I've ever wanted in a noodle.

The soup just hit the spot and it was perfect for a rainy day meal in the Dutch park. This meal held me up until dinner.

Japanese Ramen Noodles with Onigiri on the side.Ramen Noodle Soup eaten in Sasebo under a canopy in a pouring rain. These are less that 400 Japanese Yen!

If you are a vegetarian traveler and you are heading to Japan or any other Asian country, you can surely expect to see some mouthwatering Asian noodle soups that you will remember forever.

You may even want to ask the cook for that Asian noodle recipe to make at home. I love the vegetarian Korean ramen myself but I just cannot find the right fresh noodles for it just yet.  

If you live in the US, you can always check out some vegetarian friendly Asian restaurants that carry these Ramen goodness and eat to your heart's content!

But just for your entertainment, here's a video while eating in a Chinese Buffet. Are you hungry? 

So if you are traveling to any part of Asia, be on the look out for these basic Asian foods. 

And don't forget to pick up a Set Japanese Soup Bowls Set for souvenirs!

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