Vegetarian Protein Sources

"Where do you get your protein?" That's an old question! There's a huge list of vegetarian protein sources without a cow in sight.

Let's get the low down on vegetarian protein sources. There are big and strong animals on the planet that are vegetarians. Elephants are vegetarians. Guess where they get their protein from? GRASS. It didn't kill another elephant to get his protein and they're so muscular.  

vegetarian protein sourcesBreaded Fried Tofu with caramelized onions served over steamed red rice. Broccoli is a vegetarian protein and so as broccoli. Rice has traces of protein as well.

Want tasty proof? 

Here's a vegetarian dish that's loaded with protein that we're so concerned about.  The broccoli in itself is packed with this nutrient.

This tofu recipe is really easy and tasty. Pair this with any type of rice dish you desire and you have a simple healthy vegetarian meal.

So what do vegetarians eat to get this important mineral?

Well, veggies don't just eat grass. They have lots of tasty food to choose from.  They don't just make Tofu Recipes to get their protein. There are lots of other vegetarian protein sources besides Tofu . Just about every fruit and vegetable on the planet has protein.

A scoop of Whey Protein Powder in Double Rich Chocolate Flavor in a smoothie for a snack is a delicious source.

You see, the idea that protein just come from meat is a myth. There are so many plant based protein sources in the grain and plant kingdom like beans, rice, nuts, leafy greens. They have less to no fat content, low to no cholesterol and are usually cheaper than animal tissues.

Plant protein contains ALL essential amino acids necessary for our bodies. Protein in plant comes from fiber, whereas protein in meat comes from fat and not easily assimilated.

Vegetarian protein sources:

Seriously, try some Whey Protein Powder in Double Rich Chocolate Flavor in your smoothies for a protein packed meal. You are gonna love it.
  • Tempeh - It's know as one of the world's healthiest food. This goodie is a native of Malaysia and the texture is much more dense than Tofu.
  • Saiten - It's a wheat gluten that's perfect for your chicken substitute. This stuff is so good you'll never know it's not chicken you're eating!
  • Tofu - A staple in Asia, it can handle any type of seasoning and turns your meal to the next level without a cow in sight. 
  • Green Leafy vegetables - Choose your favorite. It's been said that a cup of kale has more protein than a slab of pork or beef! It's the new beef according to experts.
  • Beans and Legumes - Beans are excellent source of protein as well. No we don't mean the jelly beans! 
  • Even a banana has traces of protein, and no, you don't need a lot of this mineral. You cannot be deficient of it if you don't eat a cow.
  • Nuts and Seeds have this mineral too. Put these crunchy things into your food and just go nutty!

Just about every plant food has protein in it but more concentration of protein is found in dark green leafy vegetables. The sun gives the plant the chlorophyll which is like the life blood of the plant. The sun and the chlorophyll are manufacturers of good plant based protein.

Also, you can tag along some Pure Protein® Crunch Peanut Butter when on the go. Stash some in your purse to curb that hunger for bad food.

But we don't need a whole lot of protein. In fact, experts say we only need 10% of protein in our diet which should come from greens, beans and other vegetarian sources. Too much protein takes a toll in our pancreas. Studies show that eating animal flesh is the leading cause of colon cancer even! Scary.

Vegetarian protein sources are so much cheaper than meat products. Dried beans cost pennies when you compare to animal flesh. It's not just good for the planet but it's healthy for you and easy on your wallet too!

Still not convinced about healthy plant based protein? Check out this famous vegetarians page. These notable veggies don't or didn't have that problem!

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