A simple vegetarian pasta recipe - Pasta Con Broccoli 

Cook up this delicious easy vegetarian pasta recipe that's free of animal ingredients. Even the carnivores will love it!

A simple vegetarian pasta recipe with just a few simple ingredients is a hit in my kitchen. Life can be busier than ever. Who needs to simmer, chop, boil, saute, or bake a whole list of ingredients when all you have is less than an hour and you're starving?

Vegetarian Dinner RecipePasta con Brocolli - You can't get any more simple in pasta. This is a comfort dish for pasta lovers who are vegan and vegetarian.

Whether you're cooking for two or cooking for a crowd, this simple dish is a great healthy choice. Pasta con Broccoli can be any type of pasta.

This dish is simple and quick. You need pasta and you need broccoli plus some garlic and you're good.

Pasta with animal ingredients is so yesterday or a century ago now that a lot of people are adapting to a vegan lifestyle.

Pasta con BrocolliBroccoli with Bow Tie Pasta

You can eat pasta once in a while. Life is about compromise. Make them as veggie as possible, so you can eat them too!

You want it good. You want it clean. Here's a quick easy vegetarian dinner made extra garlicky.

Defy the meat industry. Make it veggie. You know eating meat is killing you, the animals and the planet too!

  • Broccoli bunch or even broccolini
  • Garlic (we like it a lot)
  • Fermented soybeans (replacement for anchovies if you're vegan)
  • Pasta of your choice
  • Salt & Hot Pepper Flakes to taste
  • Cashew Cheese for the sprinkles for Vegans. Real grated hard cheese if you are vegetarian. 

Using any kind of quick cooking pasta helps speed up the process of making dinner. You want dinner served quick, right? Choose thin linguini or any kind of pasta! But for this recipe the pretty shape macaroni was used.

I have an attachment to anchovies, but since we're talking vegetarian pasta recipe here, I'll skip the anchovies.

Let's make it taste just like it has anchovies in it without making it taste or smell fishy.

So yeah... fermented soybeans to the rescue. About a tablespoonful or more. The more, the merrier. Mix that in!

Make the pasta from scratch in a your Pasta Machine. No, just kidding. Well, you can if you're really up to it and you want your pasta from scratch.

So we'll just say, get your pasta ready by boiling them according what it says in the package - would really prefer a fresh pasta!

Chop the broccoli and the garlic as shown. Boil the broccoli with enough water to cover them. Add salt to taste. Don't over cook. Once cooked, take them out and put them aside reserving the liquid. Boil the pasta in that water that the broccoli took a bath in. :) 

While your pasta is boiling away in your Amazing Large Pasta Pot with Built in Strainer or any favorite pasta pot, chop or smash the heck out of the garlic.

Saute the garlic in a different pan with some oil. Add the fermented soy paste. (If using anchovies, add half of it to the pan.) Put a bit of water to the pan. Boil until garlic are soft. Pour it to the pasta. Then add the broccoli in... Mix 'em in 'til they're all happy together.

Serve it in a pretty Oversized Italian Pasta Bowl. Dig in.

Now it's an Italian/Asian combo - Pasta with fermented soybeans?  Why not? There's nothing wrong with the mix. Don't be racial. It taste good! Just go try it. 

Garlicky. Non-greasy and satisfying. The broccoli is just perfect. I like it with anchovies and I like it with just fermented soybeans too.

It's a totally meatless pasta recipe that you're gonna love even if you're not a vegan. 

Here's a visual on how to make this vegetarian pasta recipe called Pasta con Broccoli.

Don't beat yourself with a wet noodle. Turning original fat-laden meat infused pasta recipes into vegetarian pasta recipe is really fun.

Discover how easy it is to adopt a healthy vegetarian diet with simple quick and easy recipes like Pasta con Broccoli.

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