Vegetarian Meat Substitutes - It really wasn't chicken you just ate!

It sure tasted like chicken but it wasn't! That's one of vegetarian meat substitutes you can count on.

Vegetarian meat substitutes are all over the market shelves these days. So if you are still worried about protein, don't be. You'll find meat replacements in supermarkets, grocers and restaurants you dine in.

When it comes to meat replacements for protein, it isn't really just Tofu. Just about any green leafy vegetables have large amount of protein in them.

Kale is the king of plant protein. Even every fruit has protein in them. Even bananas have it. Go for green veggies, they're loaded.

Even vegetarian bodybuilders rely on plant protein. So relax... Chill out. You will get protein in a vegan and vegetarian diet.

Just for giggles, the next time you make a smoothie put a scoop of Whey Protein Powder in Double Rich Chocolate Flavor. That's a delicious protein load for you right there!

Best known vegetarian meat substitutes:

  • Seitan - Nope! It wasn't really chicken you ate. It's seitan! This product is actually wheat gluten and has meat-like texture and they come in different flavors like smoked, barbecued, spicy and etc. Seitan makes a great substitute for your traditional chicken recipes. It taste like chicken but it isn't!
  • Tofu - these come in fermented, spiced, hard tofu, medium hard and extra hard. They also come as sprouted tofu. Since this food is originated from China way back when, it's no wonder why we find them in Asian dishes. Tofu can absorb just about any seasoning you put into it.  You can make tasty stirfries or you can even fry them and dip them in your favorite dipping sauce. Tofu is from soybeans and it's very adaptable to any type of recipe and can be cooked in a variety of ways.
  • Tempeh - It's fermented soybeans and an Indonesian descent but it's widely available anywhere these days that the vegan and veggie population has grown to popularity. Tempeh is a great source of protein. Unlike Tofu, tempeh is a lot denser in texture than tofu because they contain whole grains and beans in them. 
But of course, you can always include something like the Garden of Life Meal Replacement - Organic Raw Plant Based Protein Powder for your protein needs if you're really worried.

Non vegetarian or non-vegan folks may wonder what vegetarians eat on a given day. There are actually a plethora of choices. Vegetarians and vegans don't just rotate chicken, pork, fish, beef over and over again. Veggie folks have so many different tasty choices without the animals involved.

Yes. Vegetarian body builders, famous vegetarian vegans, notable vegetarian people and celebrities are the absolute proof!

Here's the recipe for this caramelized Onion with Tofu dish.

Equipment used: The amazing wok!

A wok with a cover is a functional cookware to have. In the Philippines, woks are called Kawali.

This humble cookware can be a fry pan, a saute pan or anything you want. Wash your fruits in there and it works too.!

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