Vegetarian Meals for Kids

Do you have a kid who's a picky eater? Here's a nice approach to making vegetarian meals for kids that even a grown up will love.

Make a fun meal that your picky eater can pick on and actually eat it.

Making vegetarian meals for kids can be frustrating when you slaved away in the kitchen and they wouldn't even touch or eat what you made for them.

But with a little creativity and ingenuity, you can make your kids help you prepare their food and actually eat what they've helped you prepare.

You'll get to do some bonding with your little ones as well.

Healthy meals for kids don't need to involve a lot of preparation, cooking, stirring, simmering and watching until the food boils and curdles. A simple fruit platter or a nutritious smoothie can be good enough as a veggie meal for kids to fill their little tummies!

  • Green/Yellow Pears
  • Green Grapes
  • Raisins or dried currants
  • Tooth Picks
Fruit art for kidsMight as well call them Pearcupines!

Pick a good size pear. You can also use other types like Anjou Pears and red or black grapes. Let the kids help.

Make the kids insert a tooth pick on each grape and help them stick each of them to the pear. Repeat until half the fruit is all covered. 

Do the same for the dried fruit to make the eyes and the nose for your fruit art.

Serve as a centerpiece. 

Or put these on a nice KIDS Meal Plate or Eco-Friendly Dish for Toddlers and Little Kids. They're gonna love it and eat it too! Well, they may pet it first, then eat it.

A great fruit table centerpiece for all occasions! It encourages the youngsters to eat their fruit as their healthy dessert!

Other fun healthy meals for kids:

  • Veggie burger with air fried potatoes - Almost every kids like burgers right? Well make them a vegetarian burger.
Make them some air fried potatoes for their fries using your Favorite AirFryer and serve them with their veggie burger!
  • How about a strawberry dessert for kids made in a fun way? Here's the link to that recipe.

Do you have a picky little boy?

Show him about constructive eating. A Construction Utensil Set with Construction Plate should help him out and finish the food on his plate.

Do you have a picky little girl?

Put her food on something like My Little Pony Mealtime Plate. It's all about playing with food and eat it too!

We know that kids only have little tummies and can fill up on unhealthy foods very easily leaving no room for food with real nutrition. So it is important to make the food fun and inviting so it's fun to eat and they'll actually eat it.

Meal time fun for kids are can't get any better. Eco-Friendly Boy and Girl KIDS Meal Sets od Dishes are the best. Playing with food is totally acceptable so long as they eat them!

Substituting junk food with finger food can make a big difference. If they see real food, they will eat real food. If they see junk food, they will fill up on junk food, easy as that.

By experience as a busy mother I've learned to play tricks with food for picky eaters in my family.  Instead of cutting bad hotdogs in pieces, I made segments of tangerines and celery sticks with peanut butter. Now a grandmother, I hope they remember the tricks I used to make them eat healthy foods.

Be your own Rachel Ray. Here's a 30-Minute Meals for Kids

Vegetarian meals for kids can be just as simple as a nice healthy smoothie. Fruits can qualify as a meal and will supply with energy and nutrients they need.

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