Vegetarian Lunch Recipes 

What's your idea of a healthy lunch? Nope, not a trip to a drive in window for a take-out. Here are some simple vegetarian lunch recipes for a change!

Master some healthy vegetarian lunch recipes that's easy on the budget and obtain positive side effects on your body as well as your wallet. You get healthy and you save money in the process.

vegetarian lunch recipesA vegetarian vegan sandwich with hummus, home-sprouted alfalfa sprouts and roasted peppers in slightly toasted sourdough bread.

Raw food desserts qualify for a healthy lunch. Healthy smoothies for your lunches to change the pace a bit is totally easy. Plus, they're good enough for desserts.

You don't need a burger made from animal flesh they call cold-cuts from animals that have been so dead and slaughtered a very long time ago.

Preserving them for a sandwich later does not preserve you or your health. Vegetarian lunch recipes are so easy to make and very affordable too!

Just think about it, the longer the shelf life of processed food, the shorter your life becomes when you constantly eat them on a daily. Wanna live longer and healthier? Eat healthier.

Vegetarian Sandwich Ideas and Lunch Salad recipes!

Take along some interesting lunches to work that won't spoil because they're mayonnaise-free. The co-workers will go gaga over what's in your Nice Lunch Box or Cooler Bag.

Besides vegan sandwiches, you can have some nutrition in a glass called smoothies. This way you can just chug in your fruits and veggies. It takes no time at all to give your lunches a whirl. You get a yum in a glass that you can take along with you. It can be breakfast or it can be lunch. 

Being a vegetarian or vegan, you can eat as much as you want and never feel guilty doing it. You get fully satiated and you don't crave or go clamoring for bad food because your cells are nourished with all the nutrition they need.

Vegetarian sushi also makes a great moveable feast. You can easily make them with a Super Easy Sushi Making Kit - World's 1 Sushi Kit.
vegetarian sushi

Any other healthy lunches ideas? Well, a left-over from last night's dinner can be turned into a healthy lunch on the cheap. .

A favorite favorite bag to put our lunches for work or travel is an Insulated Lunch Bag - Durable Lunch Box with Drink Cooler Compartment. Detachable Shoulder Strap + 3 Plastic Food Storage Containers with Ice Pack Included.

 It's amazing how your body responds to whatever you put in it. As they say, whatever you ingest becomes you. Even if you need to start juicing for lunch to detox your system, it's a great step to a healthier you.

So what's in your lunch containers? Fill 'em up with some really-good-for-you vegetarian lunches! Favorite containers are those Glass Meal 3 Compartment Set with Airtight Locking Lids with Cutlery Compartment - Portion Control - Microwave, Freezer, Oven and Dishwasher Safe

Being away form home or on the road is no excuse to gobble down that greasy burger. That is just not valid. There are vegetarian options. Fruits are the simplest food to prepare. There is no preparation involved. You wash or peel them. You eat them. It's that simple. They're the real fast food.

A vegetarian lunch picnic on the boat:

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