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Confessions on vegetarian living at home and away from home. 

Vegetarian living in a world full of carnivores and omnivores is a  a bit of a challenge but not difficult. Being surrounded by flesh eaters and animal carcasses, you have to think about what you put in your mouth.

It's so easy to get side tracked eating vegetarian junk food or simply stuff that look like food but has no nutritional value whatsoever when you are on the go. So watch your vegetarian lunch box for your sake.

It takes conscious effort trying to stay away from those greasy doughnuts, dead bread and greasy fried foods that they serve at the airports.

Here are some experiences I've come across traveling the friendly skies, road trips eating at local restaurants and abroad.

At restaurants, if you don't ask questions they'll sneak bad food into your good food while you're not looking. So what's a veggie to do? That's easy. 

What's it like to eat vegetarian living in New York City?

In Queens, New York City  we ate at a Colombian restaurant... the menu was down right scary with all those meat and steaks and it was just a lunch menu... so I settled for - Watercress salad and some fried plantains on the side. I won! Swoon worthy!

Baked Colombian Ripe PlantainOffered as a stand alone item on the menu but it goes great as a side dish with the salad.

What's it like to to be a veggie in Japan?

Traveled to Japan from New York to Sasebo, Japan. It's a long 16 hours plane ride non-stop to Sasebo. Guess what my favorite airport food. Mochi!

From New York to Narita International Airport, Sasebo was our final destination. Upon arrival to Sasebo Station we were greeted by mouth watering aroma of Japanese cuisine. 

Without an interpreter I can't possibly know what I was eating. So I settled for amazing Japanese Bowls of Ramen Noodles!

Onigiri has become a favorite!

What's it like to be vegetarian on a warship aboard an Aircraft Carrier?

We took the water Taxi to the ship and it was pouring like cats and dogs. We ate and slept on the ship for 4 days. What's it like to live like a sailor? Click the photos below and stick around.

Eating vegetarian on an airplane?

John F Kennedy International Airport to Hong Kong International: 

Bound for the Philippines I made a delicious fruit smoothie before I left. I brought some walnuts for the plane. Guess what they served aboard Cathay Pacific - here's their idea of a vegetarian entree!

Manila International Airport - a vegetarian's nightmare!

The layover was exhausting and the food at the airport was quite too foreign for me now. Everything was meat based. I settled for some siopao for my Vegetarian Lunch Box.

After 32 hours travel time, I've reached my destination. Unfortunately, my brother was in the hospital which was my reason for my travel. I was longing for local food I grew up with. Luckily my sister -in-law brought me some 'laing' which is taro leaves with coconut milk along side a bowl of locally harvested rice!

Taro plant growing in a farm.I took a photo of a Taro plant living wild in a farm. This plant is edible from root, to stem, to leaves. They make the Filipino vegetarian dish called 'laing'.

While staying for a very short couple of days, I ate lots of authentic Filipino food. Rice dishes were a staple including desserts.

Guess which one I ate. I can still feel that yummy taste in my mouth - binut-ong!!! That's sweet rice wrapped in banana leaves infused with coconut milk and steamed to perfection! A vegetarian traveler's special treat for someone who missed native foods from their motherland.

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