Vegetarian Junk Food 

What's your favorite vegetarian junk food? Mine is Zepoles, a summer festival food!

Zepoles - Vegetarian junkfoodZEPOLES - Irresistible vegetarian junk food at summer festivals. A deep fried dough smothered with powdered sugar.

What's summer without festivals and summer street food like Zepoles, Calzones and Strombolis? Though I prefer the 'Zeps' because they're veg without the cheese. Oh yeah, give them to me piping hot!

If you ask me, my vegetarian junk food is a dozen Zepoles!

Oh that cushiony dough deep fried to perfection and dusted with no-good-for-you powdered sugar is just my ultimate temptation during summer festivals.

I love my Zepoles! I just have to have a dozen! I am not perfect and summers in New York are too short not to have them! 

These yummies are usually deep fried in huge commercial fry pan right there in front of you. You would want to do it at home in your Deep Fryer.

Let me enjoy my Zepoles please! I know that it's in the list of junk food that are really not good for you. I wouldn't recommend it but there are other things in this short life to worry about. So, let me have some! I promise I'll eat my fruits too!

Vegetarian StomboliIf you are a vegan, you might just go home from the festival hungry because this vegetarian stromboli is loaded with cheese! You can just skim the cheese and dig in for the mushrooms inside it.

A moment on your lips, forever in your hips!

Also, if you are vegan and still in love with the real pizza and craves it all the time, you might just have to make it yourself with vegan cheese in your own Pizza Maker.

But here's a list of vegetarian junk food you'll find at summer festivals that are no good for your body but for occasional indulgence, I'll have a couple. I wasn't born perfect. I'm a practical vegetarian

  • Zepoles - it's summertime and festivals are in town. I'd buy a dozen and I can say I had some for the season. I'm good.
  • Funnel Cakes - Dough smothered with powdered sugar. No nutrition whatsoever. So tempting.
  • Bagels - It's basically flour and water you know that. But on occasion I'll have one of those New York bagels. They're the best.
  • Pizza - what's wrong with it? Well, if it has all the works, then it becomes dangerous. No pepperoni for me, just put extra mushrooms for topping!
  • Doughnuts - That's BAD, really bad. Run away from it. Don't look or touch.
  • Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies - Thumbs down. Go for the stuffed dates instead to satisfy your sweet tooth!
  • Calzones - These are just a piece of dough stuffed with riccotta cheese and deep fried. 
  • Mr Softie - Substitute: Just go home and make a sweet smoothie or banana ice cream!

If you really want some, have some. Life is short. You can always do a detox treat of fruits and veggies or perhaps a green mean juice the next day!

Festivals only come in the summer months. When there's one in town, I buy my dozen Zepoles to share with a friend or significant other. No big deal. Summer is short and so as life. Festival food are so tempting. Gotta have some.

Gotta have vegetarian junk food sometimes, otherwise summer is just lonely without them. How about you?

Research claims that it is not fat that makes us fat. It's the sugar. So now we can drop some of the worries down and pick that Electric Deep Fryer. Indulge on some veggie junk food once in a while!

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