Best Vegetarian Friendly dining experience in a meat and fish eating country.

Finding a place with a vegetarian friendly dining while on travel is easier than you think these days. Yup, even while sitting in front of a sushi carousel.

If you think it's hard to find a vegetarian friendly dining in Japan, you aren't trying hard, but you really don't have to. Lunch in Yokosuka Japan was a special kind of awesome! Here's why:

vegetarian friendly diningNoodles bathed in a delicious clean broth with a slab of soft tasty Tofu floating on top and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Eaten for lunch in Yokosuka, Japan.

We were visiting my sailor who's stationed in Japan and he knew exactly where to bring us for a vegetarian friendly dining experience - and he was paying!

There were vegetarian choices for me, so that was really cool. We sat in front of a sushi carousel where you get to pick your food right on the screen that speaks to you. 

Well, that's if you know how to speak Japanese but my son, my very own personal interpreter did all the ordering. Ha! Besides, there were pictures and I knew what I was ordering pretty much!

Yep, there's the Go button and the Order button which were self-explanatory.

Though we were surrounded by fresh sushi, one cute little plate after another passing us through a conveyor belt, I was able to have what I like. The big bowl of hot and steamy Udon noodle soup was swoon-worthy to the max.

The carousel was non-stop like a merry-go-round delivering food as ordered. It's amazing to see how you can order food using a touch-tone pad right above the table we were sitting in - and it's a machine that talks. I guess I'm just an old school mama.

Japan, like any other Asian country thrives on a pescatarian diet.

If you have to have sushi, Japan is the best place to have it. I never like to eat sushi. I was just afraid to try it because of all the rumors about bacteria and all that. My son insisted that I try some being that I'm there, you know, in a country known for making the best sushi.

Oh wells, I tried a tuna sushi to humor him (he's paying ha-ha). It's not the vegetarian sushi that I make often but it's the real deal with the fish. 

Makes me think about getting the World's #1 Sushi Making Kit and make my own to my liking.

Did I mention about the tea? No?

Japanese Green Tea
If you can find this tea in a specialty store near you, well and good. If not, you can find this Japanese Green Tea on Amazon. Well, unless you want to take a trip to Japan to purchase it.

The green tea we had was awesome. They come in powder right there on the table. Just an itty-bitty amount of that green powder makes an amazing cup of green tea.

Just add hot water from the built-in fountain at the table and you got your self a nice hot cup of green tea. Sip and think anti-oxidant nourishing every cell in your body.

Here's the video of the Sushi Carousel experience - It ain't just sushi. Really!

Vegetarian travel is always challenging, but as a Pinoy vegetarian, being in Asia like Japan was easy for me. They serve lots of noodles with all the tasty trimmings.

So if you like noodles, you're good to go in Asia.

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