Sit back and watch these vegetarian food videos that cover cooking, preparing and even eating vegetarian meals while on the go.

In this digital era, you can learn just about anything from fun instructional videos. This is a cool spot for vegetarian food videos hand picked for you!

C'mon in to the vegetarian food videos portal. Yes, we are on YouTube making and eating delicious veggie foods! From vegetarian desserts to making green juice - this will even cover healthy food choices while you're out and about.

Whether you are just following a semi-vegetarian diet, or you're a vegan or a fruit lover - this spot is for you! All types of vegetarians and even omnivores alike will benefit from all these digital visual yummies.

Relax, kick off your boots and have some popcorn or some tasty refreshing bowl of fruits by your side there. Welcome to vegetarian and vegan food video portal.  For best viewing experience, view the on our YouTube and subscribe to our channel.

Popular Videos

Trying Japanese NATTO for the very first time.

Fresh Coconut Water at the Farmers Market, South FL

What to eat on a 19 hour Flight to Tokyo

Compromising with Omnivores in Tokyo, Japan

Let's make ice cream!!!

Eating Sapote a.k.a Mamey 

I can't believe it's not Ice Cream!

Love and Marriage - Vintage Wedding

Veteran and the Vegetarian

Vegetarian food choices at a Chinese Buffet.

Snow Blows New York - With Jack Nicholson 

No more Nipple milk!

The Vegetarian Picnic. 

How to open a Pomegranate?

The Easiest Way to Cook Kale

Staying vegetarian aboard an Aircraft Carrier

This is an adventure showing how to maintain a vegetarian diet for almost a week eating with approximately 6,000 plus US sailors aboard a warship during a Tiger Cruise from Sasebo to Yokosuka Japan.

Making chocolate 'Avocado' pudding pie.

Step by step process making Avocado mousse and pie the easiest way. You will want to make it often once you finish watching this video.

This liquid multi-vitamin will make you feel incredibly energized through out the day. Trust me. It's better than coffee!

Watch this instructional video how to make the simplest breakfast green juice!

How to make a fun fruit dessert for Kids - Unleash the child in you and make this nutritious vegetarian healthy dessert.

How do you make kids eat fruits? Easy! Watch this short instruction then try it at home with your kids! It's fun and you develop some bonding with the kiddos for more added health benefits!

Watch vegetarian food video channel for more fun and adventure eating and cooking vegetarian food.

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