Interesting Vegetarian Facts

Vegetarian Diet is rooted way back since ancient times. Here are some vegetarian facts that you might want to know.

So you may think you know all the vegetarian facts that you need to know. But read on, as some of these may actually, surprisingly something you never knew about.

Udon noodle saladFACT: Even in a fish eating country like Japan, you still have choices of vegetarian meals. This is an Udon Noodle Salad Dish eaten in Yokohama Japan.

There are lots of drama going on about vegetarianism. Sad to know that some folks say vegans are the meanest form of vegetarians. Sorry about that. Is it a fact? You decide. is always friendly from preparing Thanksgiving dishes to everyday vegetarian dinner ideas. No need for drama. We're just people with different lifestyles here.

This lifestyle has been sweeping the nation and it's just amazing that almost all restaurants offer vegetarian entrees without bias. How to become vegetarian these days is real easy. There are always a healthier meatless option.

Key vegetarian facts:

Vegetarianism is a complicated topic. But here are some facts that are worth mentioning:

BODYBUILDING - You can be a vegetarian bodybuilder and be the hottest dude or dudette in town. You don't need all that protein shakes to build muscles.

AFFORDABILITY - Living on a vegetarian diet is less expensive. When you eat a plant based diet, you will save a whole lot of money on your grocery bills because you won't be buying expensive animal flesh. Meats and cheeses are so much more expensive than fruits and vegetables ounce for ounce!

FLEXIBLE not BORING. This is the biggest misconception ever. There are a whole lot of choices of food for vegetarians. There are countless types of vegetables and fruits on the planet to feast on. Meat eaters are limited to  just alternating chicken, pork, beef, lamb, fishes & etc. for their meals. 

WHAT ABOUT PROTEIN? Truth is, there are more protein in a plate of steamed kale than there is in a slab of beef. In fact, plant protein is absorbed better by the body than the animal protein. Protein in plants do not contain bad fats and cholesterol. Animal protein is loaded with cholesterol and bad fats. 

THE MANY BENEFITS: Veggie people are normally healthier than those who are flesh eaters. Right on scale, they possess a desirable body weight. You can eat all you want with a veggie diet and still maintain a normal body weight - well unless you eat a lot of vegetarian junk food.

FAMOUS VEGETARIANS: There's a long list of vegetarians who are famous. From Hollywood stars to ancient notable people, they lived the lifestyle with no issues. 

EVEN HITLER WAS A VEGETARIAN: Really? Besides Leonardo Da Vinci, Gandhi, Ben Franklin, Socrates, Hoppocrates, Albert Einstein and so many other notable famous historical veggies, yes, Hitler was a veggie as well. 

There are a lot of books and articles About Vegetarianism these days that you can read though.

One biggest fact about this diet is that it can help reverse certain diseases such as heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetes and all other preventable illnesses like cancer according to theories and recent studies.

Some diseases are classified as lifestyle diseases that can be easily prevented.

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