Vegetarian Ethnic Food - Gotta have it.

What's your definition of vegetarian ethnic food? C'mon, spill the beans! Mine is of Asian and Spanish origin. How about you?

If you like my vegetarian ethnic food with no complaints, then we can be friends. I love authentic Spanish cuisine. The spices they put in the food just make your mouth water just by the smell of it cooking! I look and hunt for them on my vacations.

Cuban Rice and BeansCuban Ethnic Food - My favorite Cuban rice with black beans.

Ethnic food is defined as any grub that's not native to America, the United States.

So it can be Asian, Spanish, Pacific Islanders, African or European food  other than what the Americans eat on a daily like burgers, french fries or mac n' cheese.

Traveling to Miami looking at prospective areas to purchase a home, we were eating lots of Spanish Cuban food everyday and never got tired of it. We wanted more! I want to retire eating this stuff for the rest of my life!

Cuban rice served with fried platanitos, boiled pieces of yuca and steamed veggies are good enough for a meal for me. Well, maybe I'll have a second plate - to go!

If you're like me, I love Spanish Dishes!

The Cuban restaurant in Miami where we went in Homestead served humongous Cuban sandwiches good enough for 2 people. Though, I can't have them so I opted for the healthier vegetarian ethnic food that I always love and my body agrees to.

My husband who is a non-vegetarian chose to have his traditional Cuban sandwich of course, which by the way made with organic meat raised in their own private farm. The sandwiches were unbelievably large filled with organic meat and veggies combined.

The best part were the fresh mango juices and the tall glass of Guanavana juice, the fruit that's in the Graviola tree family also known as Soursop. The fruit juices were so fresh and delicious that I think I really need to go back there for some more!

Spanish food and listening to wonderful Spanish Classical Guitar being played while you eat was a treat in itself.

Check out this video I took while we were eating at Calle Ocho Little Havana being serenaded while we eat!

Exotic fruits also qualify as my ultimate vegetarian vegan ethnic food of choice. Farmer's market carried a lot of fruits like jackfruits, sapote also known as Mamey, guavas, passion fruits and locally grown mangoes. These fruit trees grow in places with tropical temperatures that don't go down below 70 degrees.

Over all, our trip to Miami where lots of ethnic delicious eats are served was very memorable. 

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