Vegetarian Dinner Ideas - Give the veggie burger a try.

Can't figure out what to cook for dinner? Here are some amazingly easy and delicious vegetarian dinner ideas to help you out.

When it comes to vegetarian dinner ideas, sometimes we wrack our brains out that went blank trying to come up with something that everyone can agree on. No worries, save the dilemma for your mama. Just don't touch that ground animal flesh. Rather, make a veggie burger with the works.

vegetarian dinner ideasThis marinated mushroom veggie burger is just one of the easiest vegetarian ideas on the planet. Just marinate with your favorite flavor and grill. Pair it with air-fried potatoes and you're good.

If you're still wracking your brains out about vegetarian dinner ideas, here are some solutions for you. 

For those who are just making the switch to becoming a vegetarian, dinner can be a challenge if you are cooking for the family.  

Of course, it's probably easier if you are just cooking for yourself and you have noone else to please other than yourself. It's easy to shut yourself up with a vegan cookie or a chocolate smoothie.

By experience, it helps to make the switch if you have the right equipment even if it's just a simple Air Fryer to make the healthy versions of French Fries.

Let's face it, who doesn't like potato fries? So far, we haven't come across one who doesn't. If we did, that person is from another planet. Ignore that person.

Do you want some fries that are out of this world?

The Amazing AirFryer can make the best French Fries for you!

If you have youngsters and kiddies in the family who love fries, then just give in and let them have theirs - but in one condition, they should be air-fried!

Potatoes are amazing when cooked in an air-fryer. Just cut the taters in sections, sprinkle with a bit of salt, drizzle some olive oil and stick them in its basket. In 15 minutes you've got yourself a healthy version of the french fries sold at fast food chains.

Make them every day if you want to. It's easy and the fries come out perfect with the right machine.

Best of all, the process is oil-free. 

Invest in one if you ain't got one!

It comes with instructions of course!

Here are other good vegetarian recipes that quickly became a favorite:

Take out your Rice Cooker and let it do all the cooking.

Rice is so much healthier than pasta. Why? Rice is whole food. Pasta is processed. But it's all up to you.

Spanish rice and beans is a good filling meal for those who are rice lovers. The beans will give you the healthy vegetarian protein you need.

If you are a pasta lover, then you go ahead and make the Pasta con Broccoli. That's a 'no fail meal' for those who love pasta and trying to make a switch to a vegetarian diet. Make the marinara sauce from scratch. You'll love it.

You can also try the amazing baked eggplant. It stands true to its name, it's baked to perfection without being deep-fried in hot oil. Sink your teeth into this meaty veggie.

And oh, don't forget the air-fried potatoes. They go great with your veggie burgers!

Kitchen tools to make life a little easier:

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