Vegetarian Diet Recipes - Revamp your old recipe like you mean it!

Never settle for a dish of baked eggplant parmesan with hardly any eggplant in it. Make this a mainstay on your vegetarian diet recipes list. 

baked eggplants from the backyard gardenVegetarian diet recipes are easier than you think. Try this baked eggplant with just a few ingredients. No frying involved. Promise.

Going vegetarian is simple with this baked eggplant recipe. If you are following a simple diet, make this one and master it. This can be your vegetarian dish mainstay.

This stuff is full of fiber, delicious and totally filling. Never settle for that glob of thing on your plate that you buy from the deli or restaurant that they call 'Eggplant Parm'.  Most of the time, they're cut paper-thin fried in oil and smothered with lots of cheese making it more unhealthy. 

Go for the best and make your own. Look and see how easy it is to make this dish. Seriously!

Vegetarian diet recipes mainstay is a beautiful tray of bubbling eggplant parmesan. You can eat this with pasta or garlic bread and a salad and you're set.

Eggplants are not in the top dirty dozen list. So this means that you don't have to buy this vegetable organic. Though it's best when you harvest them from your garden yourself. But go ahead and make this baked eggplants. Make 2 trays because you are going to love it.

Best thing about making this dish is the left-over. You can eat this as is, on a plate all by itself or put a few slices of it on a roll. You'll have a filling meal. Or, if you wish, you eat this with steamed rice.

Vegetarian diet recipes made with eggplants are awesome. This stuff taste like eggplant caponata when cold. Infact, it beats that. It's better than that.

  • Garden Eggplants 
  • Marinara Sauce from garden tomatoes
  • Vegan Cheese (use regular cheese if you're Lacto Vegetarian)
  • Sea Salt
  • EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) or regular olive oil

First you need to plant eggplants. No. Just kidding! It's just that eggplants harvested from your own garden are just amazingly fresh and organic.

Okay... okay... here's the recipe:

Slice the eggplants crosswise about 1 1/2 inch thick. Put them in a big bowl and sprinkle some salt slightly on each side. Let them sit for about 30 minutes. They release some of that bitter moisture from the salt.

When time's up, pour the fluid out that came from them. You'll see that that liquid is kinda brown. Rinse the slices and drain on a towel or paper towels.

Arrange the slices on a baking sheet while you spritz each of them with olive oil. You can brush the oil on them if its easier for you. 

Bake in a 400 degree oven turning once until they're soft. Keep an eye on them so they don't burn.

Next... the fun part:

Take a rectangular pan ( a lasagna pan will be perfect for it) and layer them with marinara sauce (home-made is best). Layer them alternating with sauce and cheese if you prefer. Pretend you're cooking lasagna. You should be a pro.

Bake until bubbly. 

Note: The cheese used here was vegan cheese that resembles parmesano romano cheese for the layers and mozzarella cheese for the topping. But for starters, make your vegetarian diet recipes with cheese.

You know, you can start with being a lacto veggie. So you can go ahead with your cheese. You're at least a step forward to a healthy meal without the meat.

Absolutely divine. Nothing like eggplants you baked yourself from the garden that you planted yourself, with marinara sauce made from garden tomatoes.

You can absolutely use store bought eggplants. This vegetables is not on the top ten list of pesticide laden fruits and veggies. So go ahead and don't worry if they're not organic.

Vegetarian diet recipes are not really hard to make. Find out more recipes like this all over this website.

You can revamp any regular non-veggie recipe and make it vegetarian. You will still get the same yumminess like the regular fat-laden meat based recipes out there.

Baked eggplant is one the most common vegetarian recipes that don't need a lot of revamping. Just eliminate the animal flesh from the sauce you use and it will taste just as good. You won't miss the meat. Promise!

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