Vegetarian Diet Menu - Eating healthy on a budget.

If you are new to an area or traveling on the road, it's easy to fall off your health wagon and be forced to eat unhealthy food.

A healthy vegetarian diet menu that's sure to please your palate and your budget is what you need. 

All you can eat vegetarian healthy food at Sweet Tomatoes Salad Bar in South Florida. Feast on these and get your roughage!

Just about every restaurant these days has a vegetarian diet menu and healthy entrees for you. My best pick is definitely Sweet Tomatoes Salad Bar!

My vegetarian diet menu goes like this: I would rather just have some easy juice for breakfast or a healthy smoothie, sweet starchy fruits for lunch like juicy mangoes and a vegetarian dinner. But we were traveling and our schedule got out of whack and it was really stressful. 

Traveling all over Fort Lauderdale and Miami area looking at houses to buy to make a perfect home was super insane and busy as can be! Relocation is totally a major stress inducer.

Eating healthy was hard until we stumbled upon Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant. Looking for something healthy to eat was real easy and right on our budget. Thank God for that.

It was gettin' kinda hectic.

If you are not from the South, you probably know nothing about this restaurant unless you've eaten here while on vacation. But I can give you some pointers about it so you know.

You put the sign on the table when you go for seconds, 3rd or 4th. Just dig in.

Tip #1: Go there hungry.

For only $9.99 per person you'll get to eat all that they have to your heart's desire. You start at the salad isle upon entry where you will grab a tray and a dish that you can fill up with any green veggie of your choice, dump a glob of dressing on it and choose from every imaginable topping to make your salad mountain.

Tip #2: Print out the coupon and bring it!

The end of the isle brings you to the cashier where you pay and get the drink of your choice. I usually go for plain water or hot green tea, no extra charge for those.

If you have a coupon, it will be deducted from the total. If you are a senior citizen, they'll do that as well. If you're not, don't rush it.  You'll get there. There's a benefit to getting older after all - senior citizen's discount.

Our bill usually comes out to abut 20 bucks or under with our military discount. 

You lay this out on the table when you leave the place.

Then, you get seated to start digging in.

Now that you're inside the restaurant, you're free to fill up more on ciabata breads, mini pizzas, lots of seasonal soups, potatoes, rice and you finish up with desserts. They promise that everything they have is made from scratch specially their soups.

Tip #3: Skip the Ice Cream

They may call it ice cream but it isn't really. You have to have an advanced degree in chemistry to know all the fillers and emulsifiers contained in that stuff.  Skip it.

You could go to this place everyday if you're on a budget and trying to eat healthy. With all that salad, it's guaranteed that you'll get all your recommended allowance of roughage for the day.

For a low price of $9.99 to $11.99 plus coupon you can have a satisfying healthy meal with lots of roughage. Your colon will love you for it. It's even cheaper if you go there for lunch.

I give it an overall 5 star rating. Their food is cheap, delicious and absolutely nutritious!

For other budget friendly restaurants, Chinese buffets are a good choice. Just go for the veggies and the vegetarian sushi!

For sure, there are other restaurants that support your vegetarian diet menu while you're on the go or when you're having a hectic schedule. But Sweet Tomatoes Salad Bar is very good for the money.

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