Do you keep a vegetarian diet meal plan when you travel?

Well, you should... unless you want to settle for that airplane food specially on long distance travel. Keeping a vegetarian diet meal plan is highly recommended.

I'm sure glad that I had a well laid out vegetarian diet meal plan during our trip to Sasebo Japan. We're talking 21 hours travel time from John F Kennedy Airport to Narita International crossing the International Dateline! 

Japan Airlines Flight MapThis is the flight map aboard Japan Airlines from John F Kennedy Airport to Narita International, Tokyo Japan. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were served.

So you can imagine how many meals they serve you on the plane and it's not like you have plenty of choices.

We ate dinner twice!

There are plenty of airplane food snacks but for sure, but they're nothing like vegetarian snacks you make yourself!

My vegetarian diet meal plan helped us get to our destination with energy without being all fatigued with jet lag and all.

Lack of sleep is the worst thing in the world on top of being bloated or gassy from all the airplane food you ate. You sure wouldn't want that.

So, with some preparation I brought some vegetarian snacks with us. I would have loved to take some time to make my fried banana recipe as those are really great to eat during travel.

I was pressed with time so I settled for fresh fruits and they worked real well. There are lots of food you can bring on the plane, well except liquids of course.

Though I was forced to chug down my breakfast green smoothie because liquids are not allowed at inspection.

What was the worst food you ever ate in an airplane?

Vegetarian Airplane FoodThis is the food served on the airplane aboard Cathay Pacific that is in the Vegetarian option.

If you are wondering what vegetarians eat when they travel, here are some airplane food snacks you can make or buy so you don't fall off the healthy wagon while you're traveling the friendly skies. Pack them in your carry-on for easy access:

Having a meal plan before you head out to the airport can save you money too. You know how expensive airport food can be. Bringing your own food is a great way to save extra cash that you can spend when you get to your destination.

These are just a few ideas for a vegetarian travel. Of course you can always pack some leftover foods you had from last night's dinner.

Have you ever brought a beverage and you were forced to chug it down because bringing liquid before inspection is a No-No?

TIP: Bring a Water Bottle with you. When you get to the airport passed inspection, fill the Water Bottle with water and you have a thirst quencher.

Got some airplane food snacks ideas? 

Have no fear. Most airlines offer vegetarian menus to choose from too. Besides, wherever your point of destination, there are always vegetarian food options.

Perfect Food Container for people on the go. Pack up your favorite snacks and seize the day.

Bringing your own food saves you money and make you stick to your vegetarian diet meal plan.

Caesar Cashew Dressing
Fresh Grape Juice
Fig Bars

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