Vegetarian Detox Diet - a simple way to rid the body's accumulated toxins.

Whether it's junk in your trunk, junk in the house or clutter in your life... you gotta get rid of it. For a healthy body, doing a simple vegetarian detox diet is highly recommended!

A vegetarian detox diet is an excellent way to flush out all the impurities from the body. You get all the vitamins from all the fresh fruit and veggies plus all the fiber to sweep your colon squeaky clean!

Detoxing Mixed Green Salad with stuffed grape leaves.
www.vegetarianyums.comMake your salad exciting! A fresh, crunchy refreshing salad with lots of Italian olives and our favorite stuffed grape leaves added here made this a detoxifying meal on its own.

Include a fresh green salad in your menu.

No need for that  medeciney tasting Metamucil fiber stuff. Get your real fiber on from fruits and veggies! They're tasty! 

When we say: salad, we don't mean a bowl of boring sad Boston lettuce leaves and a couple of tomatoes with a gunk of bottled dressing dumped in. You'll get bored like that faster than ever. Make your detox diet exciting!

They said that death starts in the stomach.

A clogged colon is never a good thing. All the toxins just keep circulating in your body if they're not exiting it promptly. All that goo need to be flushed out. You will feel so much better. Promise. 

Eat lots of raw greens for fiber and water content!

Make a salad to go! Fall in love with Salad To-Go Containers. They come in handy making you stick to your detox plan eating delicious salads more often. They're convenient!

You see, including a detoxifying delicious green veggies cleanses the the body in the most delicious way.

Ways to stick to a simple detox diet:

Make detoxing on auto pilot by eating salads a part of the meal every day. 

Raw vegetables and fruits contain water with vitamins that will help flush out toxins in the body.

  • Green salads should always be on the menu. Make it action-packed with a rainbow of colorful veggies like green, red and yellow peppers. Throw in some red and black grapes in it too. Some sections of oranges can be added to the mix as well. 
  • Don't forget the olives.  We hope you like them. We adore olives! What's a salad without the olives? They make salads so much better.
  • Make fruit the main snack. Fruits are easy. It's way easier than making a sandwich with dead animal flesh in it. Fruits just need peeling. Some just need washing. They're the real fast food. They're tote-able too!
So get your Nice Salad Bowl ready.

When it comes to a detoxifying raw vegan meal, it's really that simple. Salads are just one of them. You can squeeze some citrus fruit juices for breakfast, a filling dessert smoothie for lunch and a sensible vegetarian dinner!

Your vegetarian detox diet will never be boring. In fact, it will be an adventure with all the flavors you'll experience and all the healthy benefits that your body craves!

So what's on your menu? Make a Salad To-Go and brown bag it today!

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