A Vegetarian Daily Diet aboard a US warship - The 4 day Tiger Cruise challenge.

Can you maintain a vegetarian daily diet aboard an aircraft carrier? Let's find out.

At first I thought it's gonna be tough to maintain my vegetarian daily diet aboard an Aircraft Carrier for 4 days. I thought for sure I'll never survive and fall overboard, the veggie wagon that is. But I was wrong!

On the flight deck of an aircraft carrierMe, a US Navy mom strolling on the flight deck catching some sun rays while sailing Japan Sea. Flight demonstrations were about to happen so hanging out there watching the boys work was amazing.
I wanted to look cool but I forgot to wear some Grunt Style Navy Shirt.

Would've been nice for the occasion, right? Surely.

 As a military mother for many years (Air Force and Navy), I was truly honored to be invited to my son's ship's 4 day Tiger cruise sailing from Sasebo to Yokosuka Japan. Wanna know what food was served on the ship?

Yes, there were vegetarian options.

When it comes to military healthy eats, I know that they get replenishment at sea every so often. These sailors work so hard to protect our Freedom. They deserve to be fed with the very best nutritious food on the planet.

No. Not just MRE's. Do you have any idea what's in those? It's chemical shitstorm - loaded with chemical bullshit. Have some respect and a little dignity. They deserve nutritious sustenance coming from real food.

After all, they are the true heroes. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have the freedom to write this nor you would have the freedom to read this. They are the country's cream of the crop. 

Here's why:

There are only a few percentage who are qualified to be in the military and that's a fact. Others are denied entry for many different factors from physical standards, misconduct, personality disorder, unsatisfactory performance, educational standards and so many other hindrances.

Let this military Mom speak, she can go on and on.

Fresh fruits served with every meal.

But let's talk about food.

Healthy vegetarian breakfast was a choice of oatmeal, orange juice, coffee, tea and a lot of fruits. Of course there were lots of non-veggie breakfast choices as well but who needs those when I can have fruits!

They had the amazing Japanese oranges. They're very easy to peel and the segments or sections just separate all on their own. 

So who needs to get that commercially processed orange juice from a box? Though they served them in fountains, I stuck to Japanese oranges which skins peel right off. Fresh mangoes were served as well. 

Sailors eating their meal- USSGWSailors aboard getting their chow.

So, we sailed from Sasebo to Yokosuka and everyday they served a lot of fruits. I even took extra mangoes, shoved them in my pockets to store at my son's shop for a later fruit snack. 

The food they served were quite nutritious depending on what you choose to eat. While I was missing my homemade fruit smoothies, my vegetarian daily diet was not compromised.

Overall, the whole experience was unforgettable. Eventhough they put me on the top bunk to sleep, (watch the video below) the whole cruise was amazing. We ate three square meals a day at the mess deck or chow hall that was unbelievably huge!

The ship is a floating city where you can find some cool souvenirs like a nice Navy Shirt to bring back home.

And can you believe they even have Starbucks on the ship? Hooray for all the sailors. They all deserve a Starbucks treat. 

You know what else? We got to tour the entire ship and saw all the plane demonstrations and activities on the flight deck.  I even had the chance to go to the place where the Captain sits. I even shook hands with the Captain of the ship.

Best of all, upon landing to our point of destination at the Yokosuka Naval station, we got to eat the best Japanese vegetarian entrees and desserts.

So yeah. It's easy to maintain a vegetarian daily diet even when you're floating around the Pacific Ocean. 

A BIG Thank You to the USS George Washington CVN-73 and crew for an awesome experience!


It wasn't just a trip. It was a challenging and amazing adventure!

So if given a choice, what shirt would you choose to wear on a cruise like this? Both!

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