Vegetarian Bean Recipes for bean lovers.

If you like beans, then we have some tasty vegetarian bean recipes for you.

Vegetarian bean recipes are taking over vegetarian and vegan kitchens. Why? Because not only that they provide quality protein, they are also very economical. 

vegetarian vegan proteinVegetarian quality protein that's heart friendly so it will not clog your arteries. Beans are rich in nutrients with lots of fiber.

A bag of dried legumes are very reasonable in price. Just a cup of it soaked in water overnight makes a great big pot of vegetarian chili that can feed the entire family.

A pot of rice and beans uses merely a handful of legumes and can stretch to feed a hungry crowd. They are protein packed so you don't have to worry about where you're getting this nutrient.

Here are some mainstay vegetarian vegan bean recipes:

This ever simple to rice and beans is so very loyal to your budget.

A bag of beans and a bag of rice will last you a long time eating simple delicious food on the cheap!

Try this simple recipe for rice and beans!

There's no better way to cook rice other than using the Amazing Rice Cooker.
few ingredient vegetarian chili

This ever easy one pot chili is your vegetarian protein source. You'll never have to worry about your protein intake when you make this vegetarian meal. 

Check out the recipe for this best vegetarian chili and make a pot for yourself!

Our favorite Portable Slow Cooker is the one that fits our need. We bring ours on the boat with the vegetarian chili in it.

How about some Italian green bean salad? This salad is a mainstay in the summer when those string beans are out of control. This is an ideal salad dish to take outdoors on picnics or get-together. There's no worry about mayonnaise going bad here. 

Ever tried long Asian Beans? They come very long and it's a native to Asian countries but they grow nicely in the United States as well specially in the summer. For Filipinos, they make this really tasty sauteed Adobong Sitaw or Green Beans Adobo with mushrooms, the vegetarian version of their chicken adobo!

Stirfrying string beans are best done in a nice standard Wok for more wiggle room.

Beans and legumes are not just for winter casseroles to warm yourself up. It's a mainstay dish for Asian and Hispanic population for generations. If your idea of ethnic food involves rice and beans dishes, I bet you love Cuban rice as well. 

Beans are very loyal to your budget. It can save you a lot on grocery bills while providing a wholesome nutrition for the whole family. So cook up a savory pot of mixed beans!

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