Vegetarian Appetizer Recipes -Hummus Stuffed Endives

Going on a vegan diet? Make some vegan vegetarian appetizer recipes and come out to the party of carnivores and ominivores.

Make some vegetarian appetizer recipes and come out to the party or friends' and family get-together. This works well specially if you have guests who are herbivores like yourself! 

hummus endive vegetarian appetizer recipesTender endives stuffed with creamy and garlicky hummus served as a vegetarian appetizer. These will nicely in parties and perfect finger food.

Let's hear it for the hummus stuffed endives!

Endives are great for making perfect little vegetarian appetizers. They're shaped like little boats when they're separated so they're perfect for making little scoops for your favorite dips. 

You can make your endive salad recipes using these pretty little sections of this vegetable. They look so pretty when the spears are separated. Feeling like it's a waste to chop them up, I just made this hummus stuffed endive vegan vegetarian appetizer instead!

  • 2 nice fresh and tender endive heads (spears individually separated)
  • creamy garlicky hummus
  • a little sprinkle of paprika

- that's it!

Pick the whole endive bulb that's fresh and tender. Some supermarkets sell them all wilted and you don't want that. This vegetable can last a few weeks in the refrigerator but it's better to use them as soon as you get them.

Separate the spears and arrange them on a nice dish. Fill up each spear with your favorite filling. This one is filled with homemade garlicky and creamy hummus. Arrange them in a platter and serve!

NOTE: You can use your favorite High Speed Blender or Food Processor to process your hummus.

The herbivore friends love them. The whole platter disappeared and devoured in no time. The omnivores as well as the carnivores ate them too. That usually happens all the time and it's a good thing!

This vegetarian appetizer made a nice finger food for children as well. 

Endives are a tad bitter for some folks who are not used to it. It's much like chicory and escarole which are mildly bitter so you have to acquire the taste for it. But when these are stuffed or dipped in some tasty homemade dips or sauces, you won't notice the bitterness at all.

Some people blanch them for their endive salad recipe but they can be eaten raw. They're crunchy and are great raw tossed in your favorite salads.

So if you're looking to make some vegetarian appetizer recipes, give this hummus stuffed endives a chance. Challenge your omnivore and carnivore friends and make a bet that they cannot eat just one!

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