Vegetarian Filipino Pancit Recipe

Wherever you maybe in this world, if you are Filipino, have been to the Philippines or a Filipino kitchen, you might have fallen in love with this noodle dish. So here's a vegetarian Filipino pancit for you.

Why vegetarian Filipino pancit? So glad you asked. We just want it clean tasting without the taste of animal tissue in it. 

Vegetarian Filipino PancitFilipino wheat noodles also known as Pancit in the Philippines. However, this is vegetarian, vegan even. It has no animal ingredients, not even fish in it.

Some non-Filipino people in this big wide world find Filipino delicacy quite weird. 

Say for example Balut, which is a young chicken embryo cooked inside the egg and served just like that. It's either a duck or chicken egg. Same thing. Yuk. Let's just stick to this Filipino vegetarian recipe for Pancit.

This is on the top 10 of my vegetarian Filipino food list.

Eggs qualifies as vegetarian but when it turns into an embryo inside the egg it becomes flesh, to which therefore considered as umm... meat. So Balut is meat. Don't argue!

We are changing this dish into a vegetarian and vegan friendly food so both omnivores, vegans and vegetarians can get along and just feast on.

What you see is what you get: some greens like bokchoy, shiitake mushrooms, juilened carrots, onions, garlic, crushed ginger and Tamari soysauce. And of course, pancit noodle.

Recommended cookware for this is the amazing wok. Find yours here.

Pancit could either be that thicker yellowish wheat noodle or the pancit bihon which is also called rice sticks made of rice flour. I like both. I'm 100% Filipino by blood. Filipino food is in my DNA. Vegetarian pancit is one of my favorite Pinoy food.

Saute the garlic, onion and grated ginger in a Wok or Kawali with a little oil. Saute until soft but not burnt.

Add the mushrooms and saute again. Then add some liquid just enough that it can be fully absorbed by the noodles.

Get it boiling. Add the soaked noodles. Stir. Then add the greens last. Season with soy sauce and cracked pepper.

Serve hot with vegetarian Filipino Lumpia.

Tasty. This is my go to dish in my healthy Filipino food list. This healthy Filipino vegetarian recipe

If you don't have a Wok or Kawali you must get one. They are the best cookware you'll ever own.
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