Vegetarian Filipino Lumpia Recipe - Tasty Meatless Filipino Spring Rolls.

They're crispy on the outside and yummy on the inside making you fall in love on each and every bite. But, is this a vegetarian Filipino lumpia recipe?

Yup. We got you covered. Here's a tasty vegetarian Filipino lumpia recipe for all of you lumpia lovers. You'll never miss the meat on these. You know you can't eat just one! They're addicting! 

Use the vegetarian Filipino lumpia recipe below to make this irresistible meatless masterpiece. This is made in America by a Filipino. Vegetable Lumpia Shanghai recipe below.

Lumpia is what Filipinos are famous for in terms of Pinoy food. But these were made without the meat and they taste way much better if you ask me. 

Just stick with me for a bit while I show you how to make this vegetarian Filipino lumpia recipe because once you taste these, you will be hooked. 

Meanwhile, prepare the Wok or Kawali because we are gonna make some amazing lumpia here!

On holidays, making this vegetable lumpia recipe definitely tops my list. It's one of those disappearing food you serve. They get snagged and devoured if you are not looking before they're even served. 

The solution? Make a huge batch of these meatless Filipino rolls. These are vegan. They're made without the meat, yeah not even shrimp. These rolls taste cleaner with lots of fiber.

  • A fresh head of cabbage
  • 1 onion (red or yellow, it don't matter)
  • 1 whole knob thing of garlic ( I love them garlicky)
  • small piece of ginger grated
  • Carrot - shredded
  • a big package of mushrooms slice or torn in pieces ( I love King Oyster mushrooms)
  • Salt, pepper and soy sauce for seasoning
  • Oil for frying
  • Lumpia Wrappers (you can find them in an Asian store near you)
Get your Kawali. It's the most versatile appliance you'll ever own. Put the oil in it and stir fry the garlic and the onion until soft.

Add the grated ginger in the wok then the julienned carrots and stir. Add the mushrooms and keep stirring. Add the soy sauce, salt and pepper to taste. Keep stirring to mix everything and add the cabbage last. Stir just until wilted.

Detailed recipe process with pictures are in HERE. Wrap the filling individually in the lumpia wrappers and fry them in a wok. 

Vegetarian Filipino lumpia shanghai frying in a 30 year old wok called 'kawali'. This filipino cookware is in the family for more than 30 years and serves really well.

As always and never fails, it's disappearing. They hit it before it goes to the table. By the time we eat, the platter had a big dent. Always make sure you make enough lumpia to go around.

We rarely have left-overs when it comes to vegetarian Filipino lumpia. You just have make another batch if you want more. It's fairly easy to do and wrapping each of them is really fun. If you have kids, they can participate with the eggroll wrapping.

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The bigger the wok is, the better. Woks or kawali have more room than the traditional fry pan!

This versatile appliance can be used as a mixing bowl, a pot to boil something in, even a dish pan and what's it intended for - sauteing, frying and stir-frying delicious dishes.

Wok or Kawali are the work horse in an Asian vegetarian kitchen.

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