Vegan vs Vegetarian 

Vegetarianism has branched out into so many different categories and they're all NOT in favor of meat! Vegan vs Vegetarian, what's the difference?

Understanding vegan vs vegetarian:

Vegans eliminate not only meat, poultry and fish from their diet but they exclude all animal products such as dairy, eggs and honey from their lives. Vegans also do not use or wear wool, leather, fur and feather.

A strict vegetarian is actually a Vegan. Vegetarianism and veganism are both healthy lifestyles are dominated by fruits and vegetables. Some people practice these lifestyle for either health or ethical reasons.

Vegetarians still use animal derivatives in their diet like milk, eggs, cheese and such.

Are you ready to switch?

Vegan food choices are all over the place these days. Becoming vegan is easier than you think.

Headlines claim it that going vegan or vegetarian helps shed pounds and fend off or even reverse chronic diseases while maintaining weight without effort.

Vegan vs vegetarian health: Both show lower body mass index than the typical meat eater and they have a better immune system than the average omnivore. Don't you think they deserve lower insurance premiums?

Nutritarianism is different from vegetarianism. A nutritarian focuses on nutrient dense food maximizing micronutrients per calorie in a food. This type of diet emphasizes on whole foods that are nutrient dense that can reverse diseases.

"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."


Vegan food are all over these days. You can whip up your favorite Vegan Desserts with just a Simple Tool.

It is a misconception that a veggie lifestyle is boring. When you say you're a vegetarian, you hear people say: "Oh, it must be hard..." It's way far from it.

Almost all restaurant these days serve vegetarian vegan food. So, whether you follow a vegan, vegetarian, macronutrient or nutritarian diet, these recipes are good for you.

Vegan Meals are actually easier to prepare than the complicated meat based meals.

Just think of where the meat came from and how it got to your plate. Most meat come from factory farms where the animals are mistreated, stand and live in their own poop unable to even move around.

Most farmed animals are injected with hormones and antibiotics while they are fed unnatural food that are not meant for them. 

The whole idea of farmed animals is to increase production to feed the massive population of flesh eaters. 

If that's not gross enough, after these animals are slaughtered, their flesh are treated with chemicals to kill the E-Coli bacteria before they become your steaks and burgers for your meal.

If you've watched documentaries about animal farming, you will be grossed out and become vegan. 

It's been said that if the slaughter houses have glass doors where you could see what's going on behind closed doors, everybody will be vegan.

Becoming a vegan or a vegetarian is choice. Some people do it for the animals and some do it for health reasons.

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