Types of Vegetarian Diets - Which one are you?

Yikes! There are different types of vegetarian diets these days and everyone has different reasons and arguments about it.

Here are the different types of vegetarian diets:

So, which type of vegetarian do you fall in?

  • Pescetarian or Pescatarian Diet - They eat fish but refrain from consuming other animal flesh including eggs, cheese, milk and etc. What if you're stranded on a deserted island with nothing to eat but fish? (Spill your comments below.)
  • Lacto Veggie - A person who consumes milk and dairy but do not consume any other animal derivatives.
  • Vegan and Raw Food Vegan - Strict vegetarians who don't even use or wear leather & fur. They opt for everything vegan including the use of vegan make-up. Just don't be an angry vegan. Be kind to those who are not. 
  • Then there's the Flexitarian - those who really want to be a veggie but eat meat occasionally. They're not ready, unless you think differently.
  • There's also the Fruitarian who practices the Fruit diet where eating a single type fruit (monomeal eating) until they are fully satiated is good enough.
  • There's also the macrobiotic diet. This type is very healthy for you and really easy. It's similar to a whole foods diet. They also put emphasis on the nutrient density on the food they're eating.
  • The semi-vegetarian diet is considered a vegetarian for some. This is the type of vegetarianism that on occasion they cheat on themselves. (Leave a comment below if you agree.
  • Occasional veggies and practical veggies are part-time veggies. They love their vegetarian food but when there's nothing else to eat, they become a semi-veggie. Life is just hard, period.
  • ... and recently, the nutritarian who follows the nutrient density of the food.

Tell us what you think! Voice your opinion:

So, give it to us straight. What made you follow this lifestyle? What are your thoughts about vegetarianism? You are in this wagon to save the Earth, the animals or just to be healthy? Are you a juice junkie juicing for health?

Some say vegetarians are kinder 'cause we spare the animal. Some say if you eat fish you can't call yourself vegetarian.

'Pescetarian' is a type of vegetarian. Confusing, huh? 

When life hands you melons, make a melon pizza.

Are you a strict vegetarian or a die-hard vegan? Ovo or lacto? Are you an occasional veggie? I'm a Filipino vegetarian, what about you?

But I'm a Pescatarian on occasion. As a Filipino, rice and fish are in my DNA. You know, it's a jungle out there!

OMG! Let's spread a health virus and infect the world healthy with a yummy story, a yummy photo or two and even a healthy recipe!

What type of vegetarian are you? Are you a vegan, raw vegan, a foodist, pescetarian, Lacto, Ovo-Lacto or just an omnivore who just eats healthy whenever possible? Share your thoughts about vegetarianism here. Post a photo of your favorite recipe. Let's spread a health virus to the world!

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