Tomato Juice Recipes - Make them Non-Alcoholic and a little caliente!

They said: A tomato is a fruit, but you should never put it in a fruit salad. Well, unless you want to. Let's just make one of our favorite tomato juice recipes, shall we?

Tomato Juice DrinkMake some of these Tomato Juice Recipes as your Friday night tonic. Because it's non-alcoholic it is absolutely kid-friendly.

Here's one of the best recipes for tomato juices that you can boast with your friends while they drink their alcoholic beverages.

When you think you've outgrown going out with your friends on a Friday night, just make this non-alcoholic beverage that'll do your body way better than good.

Juicing for life is so darn easy specially when you have an organic backyard garden. Tomatoes are so abundant in the summer that you don't know what to do with all the tomatoes except making some marinara sauce or something.

Tomato Juice - Basic Recipe
  • Plum tomatoes or any tomatoes you have available
  • Celery Stalks
  • Red Bell peppers
  • Carrots
  • A Lime
  • Some HOT sauce - we put that 'splat' on everything!

Tomatoes are like the fruit that can be in your salad and in a delicious drink as well. So let's do it.

Ingredients for Tomato Juice

Wash your veggies well. Cut up the big ones that don't fit in your juicer. Somehow, celery is made for juicing. They fit right into both centrifugal or masticating juicer. So they're the numero uno ingredient for best juicing recipes.

Run all the veggies through your juicer. If you prefer, you can peel your lime and feed them in through the juicer as well. If you prefer, just squeeze the lime juice to the juice if you don't want the skin.

Note: Lemon and lime skins has beneficial oils in them that are very good for you, so it doesn't really matter if you juice them with the skin on. 

Works great for a Friday night tonic. This is a savory juice. When you are juicing for life, you will want a savory flavored juices as well besides the sweet ones.

That's right, it's so tasty it's a like a party in your mouth. The secret is what you put in it and what you don't put in it.

Some folks like to... umm, put alcohol in it. But why ruin the whole purpose of drinking healthy stuff when you're gonna put that crap in?

Skip it. Not only that your body will enjoy the total health benefits of your tomato juice, you will not have that awful feeling they called 'hangover' day after. So yeah, do yourself a good favor. Skip it.

Poke around in this site for best juicing recipes and more. There's a detox juice recipe in every flavor! 


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