The Vegetarian and the Veteran

Adventure with the snow

Adventure with the snow

My husband is a veteran and I'm a vegetarian. He eats different than me. How many people out there who are in this situation? How do you cook for the two of you? I'd love to hear from you.

A vegetarian is always on the lookout for leafy veggies when they go out to eat. They even look around hoping that a tree they see is a fruit-bearing tree. They may even say the darnest things like: "Holy cow! Is that a fig tree? Darn!"

My husband is a Navy veteran and there's no veggie on the ship and if there is, it's hard to be a vegetarian on the ship I suppose. He's been out of the military for ages now and converting him to become a vegetarian is like um, impossible.

Things have gotten better though. He's got better choices of food now. Thank goodness. It's true that if you put healthy foods around the house your family will eat healthy food. If you put processed food around the house, your family will eat processed food.

So here's a video that my son made and he titled it: The Vegetarian and the Veteran. Something similar to what I posted the other day on my YouTube Channel. You can view it on this page right here on the site. But first watch this funny video of the snowpocalypse 2015 here in New York.

Actually this video is about the snow in New York. I was chilling some juice on top of the snow pile while my husband was cleaning up all that mess that the blizzard left us.

I have another video about us eating at a Chinese restaurant showing my healthy food choices. You can watch it here for your entertainment. Did you know? There are a lot of vegetarian choices at a Chinese Buffet.

For fun videos to watch, check out my vblog right on this website. Visit my Vegetarian Videos Portal right HERE

I will be uploading a video or 2 at least one vid each week in my YouTube channel so don't forget to subscribe and give me a thumbs up. It keeps me motivated to keep you entertained with vegetarian yummies that I prepare in my little kitchen and in my travels.

Thanks so much and I wish you health, long life and happiness.

- Admin

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