The juice master has been expecting you. Good evening and welcome! 

Don't be afraid. Please take a seat. May we offer you some nutritious bloody red Halloween beet juice for a drink? The juice master is delighted to have you as a guest. Please do not mind the furniture that re-arrange itself.

The juice master did some beet juicing in her gory laboratory. This is as bloody as it can get. It's a healthy potion. These fruits and vegetables are all seasonal. Nature's timing for the holidays are just exemplary. No hocus pocus!

Elvira's Beet Juice DrinkThis juice is so healthy it's frightening! Park your broom closer to the brew house. Stay until midnight. Party on. This beet juice is totally non-alcoholic.

So what's brewing in your juice laboratory?  

You know, holidays are scary when you are following a raw food diet. Having left-over candies for breakfast is more terrifying than anything else.

You might just want to satisfy your sweet tooth with colorful bloody beet juice or just plain fruits and vegetable juices.

Don't be ghoulish and get ready.

Put an awesome apron on and get juicing!

So here's what's brewing:

To be or not to be frightened, that is the question. Well, don't be! There's nothing to be scared about. This Halloween beverage is gruesomely awesome.

This stuff is made with seasonal red fruits. This is delicious enough to wake the mummies up jumping out of their graves. Beet juice will give you ample energy to join the party jam with the ghouls.

Beware: Autumn fruits are purple, red and really spooktacular! The colors might give you goosebumps. 

  • Pomegranates (two or three will do)
  • a bunch of red grapes
  • 5 to 6 weird looking organic garden carrots
  • a few handfuls of cranberries
  • 3 Jona apples (Jona apples are so sweet)
  • 1 medium size beets with the stems and leaves
  • 1 small piece of ginger - those that go bump in the night don't like garlic!

Don't put too much greens into this mix. Putting too much green vegetables into this will cause the color to turn brown. The creatures of Halloween night do not like brown juice. They love it bloody red. That's their specialty!

Do use the beet's leaves though... beet leaves are known to be much richer in vitamins than the root. So always use them. You will need energy for gruesome haunting and trick or treating.

Feed all the fruits, roots and vegetables into the chute of your favorite juicer. We used the Nutrition Center Juicer.

Then pour the juice in a nice spooky glass container. Enjoy. 

Speaking of spooky glasses, get a wicked one like this: Halloween Wine Glass Markers - Fun Party Decoration Props - Wine Charms Alternative - Set of 18 on Amazon.

Deliciously shocking to the core! This juice was bloody red from the beets, sweet and spine tingling. The combination of it with the grapes, apples, carrots and pomegranates was insanely beautiful and super delicious! 

Even the butler wouldn't mind having a glass of it. You just try it. We double dare you. 

All the fruits of the season such as pomegranates, apples and cranberries are just perfect for Halloween's fruit and vegetable juices.They have the colors that compliment this holiday perfectly.

This Halloween juice recipe says it all. It's the juice master's special.

Discover the joy of juicing with fruits and vegetables. Beverages like this will do your body a whole lot of good.

The juice master may leave you alone now. Feel free to tell all the spook in the world about this healthy Halloween juice recipe. We hope you enjoyed your experience.

Stay healthy and happy haunting. Stay away from the witch's hut. You wouldn't want any poisoned GMO apple. Snow White has a scary tale to tell about all that.

Next stop? Well, creep out. Haunted kitchen ahead. Screech if you must into the moonlight.

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