Sweet Potato Leaves

Yup, sweet potato leaves are just as edible as the roots? They have their own nutritional components as well.

Sweet potato leaves are commonly known as sweet potato greens. There are different ways to cook them. This recipe is called: Kinilaw. 

sweet potato leavesA bunch of sweet potato tops picked from the backyard garden ready to be cooked. These are totally organic and fresh as can be.

Sweet potatoes actually come in different varieties. There are the so called Asian potatoes. They come with red skins and a white flesh. Usually, they are boiled or steamed and are simply eaten just like that.

Yams are also considered as sweet potatoes that come in yellow orange flesh. They're the yams that get served with the Thanksgiving turkey here in the U.S.

In the Philippines, sweet potatoes are also called Kamote. The skins are come in both red and green. They have a starchy sweet flesh when cooked.

Steamed Sweet Potato LeavesSteamed Kamote leaves with onions a.k.a Kinilaw served with Filipino lemons called lemosito. This is simply seasoned with salt and pepper to taste.

Sweet potato tops can be cooked several ways just like any other Filipino vegetables. This particular recipe calls for blanching or simply steaming. 

Back in the day, my Mom used to just cook it on top of the rice after all the water is absorbed. The hot steam from the rice cooks this vegetable.

Though it leaves the rice with greenish and reddish stains from the veggie. But who cares?

I just use one of those Amazing Dumpling Steamer.

After all the water from the rice is absorbed, you can throw in the kamote leaves on top and the steam will cook them. When the rice is fully cooked, remove the vegetables and put them on a dish.

Add some red onions, salt and pepper to taste. Squirt some lemon juice on them and you got your Kinilaw na Dahon Kamote - Filipino style.

You can also steam them with the rice in your Rice Cooker. Hey, my Mom did it. That's the old fashion way!

Tender sweet potato greens reminds me of Fiddle Head Ferns. It has the crunch to the stems. 

Kamote Garden

How about the nutritional value?

While sweet potato roots are good source of carbohydrates, their leaves are said to contain additional nutritional components that's in much higher concentration than those other commercial veggies. 

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Another recipe for sweet potato greens is the one with coconut milk. Would you like to try some for a challenge? C'mon! Be adventurous! 

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