Supplements for Vegetarians - Are they necessary? Why?

It has been questioned whether or not supplements for vegetarians are a concern. Is it or is it not?

Are supplements for vegetarians like the Vitamin B12 really needed? Vegetarians and vegans consume a lot of natural multi-vitamins already than those who are non-vegs. We're not comparing but how about the B-12?

Over the counter Vitamin B12

I'd pop a B-12 just to avoid arguments but it's easier to just be a pescatarian every once in a while eating fish just to get this nutrient. It's easier and there's no dosage involved. Being a practical vegetarian is much easier and friendlier than being an angry vegan. No offense.

It's been a debate whether or not supplemental vitamin B12 is a concern. Animal food products are the ones that contain this vitamin. We know that deficiency of B-12 is a serious issue. 

Animal food contains this nutrient, no doubt, but those who eat a strictly plant based diet are at risk of being deficient with this nutrient per the medical and nutrition experts. 

Although, die-hard vegans would decode this statement armed with some info showing you how and where you can get your B12 naturally like through a tall glass of deep green spirulina smoothie or something only a swamp thing would dare to drink (but it's actually tasty).

Other arguments say that you cannot be easily deficient with this vitamin as it can take years for you to be deficient.  The argument is evading the green planet.

Those who thrive on a vegan diet, (says the doctor) should take a B12 supplement. Now, these folks have the 2 letter word MD attached to their names so you can't argue or you can dare. 

For semi-vegetarians, we're guessing that you should not worry a thing about it.  If you eat organic eggs or cheese you're covered. For pescetarians, fish contain good amounts of Omega 3s and the B-12. A pill is not as tasty at all as a seafood dinner and pills are just as expensive. 

Fruits and vegetables have all the best vitamins a human being ever needs and there are phyto-nutrients that are yet to be discovered by science. 

With adopting a true vegan diet lifestyle, you consume more vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients than non-veggies. You don't have to be a nutrition expert to figure that out. 

So the question whether or not supplemental pill vitamins for vegetarians or vegans are necessary is up to your lifestyle. If you eat food with sufficient B12 content, you probably don't have have to worry too much about it. But if you really wanna talk about it, chat with someone with who has two letters 'MD' at the end of their names. 

Did that. No deficiency. Being a pescatarian once in a while when I go out with friends and family helps me get the needed B12. I'm a fan of veggie food, but when I go out a peck on semi-veggie versions.

But it's gonna cost you so you might wanna wait until your next yearly exam. If you're vegan or vegetarian, chances are you are healthier than those who are not.

So you can pop a supplement a day, eat a fish dinner every once in a while or just chug down a green mean spirulina  smoothie. Or you can just argue about this issue - your choice! Cheers!

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