Strawberry Salad Recipe - Sweeten your season!

If you like strawberries, you'd love this strawberry salad recipe that calls for lots of red fresh berries! 

Garden salad recipe with organic strawberriesA very simple strawberry salad recipe. Even the kids will be salad chefs.

This extremely simple salad recipe can be a fun little kitchen project to do with your little chefs. They can help you assemble it to prepare a nutritious meal. 

Spring and summer are always fun taking the kids to the farmer's market or strawberry picking. Coming home with a bushel of berries just tops the cake, strawberry cake that is.

But let's go ahead and make this super easy salad recipe! Fresh red and green salad is like Christmas in June! A summer meal is not complete without a big bowl fresh, crisp and fruity salads. 

In fact, watch the video below and tell me if it isn't fun!

Strawberry Salad RecipeGarden Salad with lots of fresh strawberries harvested from the backyard garden in the Spring. We might as well call this a Spring Salad.

You can use a strawberry huller and slicer if you like.

strawberries fresh picked from the backyard gardenOrganic fresh picked berries

For the Salad:

  • Fresh organic berries from the backyard garden. Watch the video below.
  • Organic Red and Green leaf lettuce from the garden
  • Olives. All types of olives is good for this salad.
  • (You can add Feta Cheese if you are a lacto-vegetarian) or you can throw in other trimmings like cashew nuts and etc.

For the Dressing:

You can use any dressing you want. I always like making my vegan organic caesar salad dressing recipe.  Buying bottled salad dressings is not necessary. They're really easy to make. Just a simple oil, vinegar with some herbs dressing will do.

Prepare and wash the fruits, red and green lettuce. Even though they are organic, you still have to wash them well to rinse out all the dirt or insects that may be lurking in them. But it's way better than trying to wash off the pesticides and herbicides that you can't see from non-organic veggies.

Have the little ones help you with the berries. Put some walnuts or cashews and mix them in. Pour some salad dressing and toss to coat. Serve with favorite healthier bread. I like my semi-home-made garlic bread.

It's a huge compliment to any dish! A perfect summer salad recipe. So organic and so fresh!

If you are bringing this salad outdoors, the mayonnaise free salad dressing won't go bad on a hot summer day. Pack them up in a cooler or a picnic basket with some potato salad or healthy breads and you're good to go.

Here's a fun video picking these veggies and strawberries in New York. There was even a frog lurking in the bed of lettuce.

What's your favorite salad? What's your favorite dressing? Watch the video above how we prepare our salads directly from our backyard garden. This super easy vegetarian strawberry salad recipe is fruity and colorful. 

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