Starting a raw food diet? Good for you! 

Why make food preparation so complicated with cooking, grilling, simmering and all that? Life is busy! Starting a raw food diet is an excellent idea.

Starting a raw food diet is as simple as eating fruits for a meal until you are satiated. Eating raw food is like instant download of nutrients into your body. Nothing processed. You eat them the way they're packaged by nature. You get to eliminate disease-causing chemicals.

mangoes for a diet of raw foodSample food you can eat when you're starting a raw food diet. These are Ataulfo mangoes in sweet banana sauce. If you like mangoes, then this is something you can stick with.

This eating lifestyle requires no cooking, less dishes to wash and there's no baked-on crusted anything or sticky pots to scrub.

Eating fruits only requires a peel and eat fool-proof recipe. Think of bananas, it's so easy even monkeys thrive on them. If they can, so can you! 

Most of the raw food preparation shouldn't even be called a recipe. They're a very simple process. Just bust the fruits open, put it in your mouth and nourish yourself. Ta-da! You're on your merry way for the day full of energy.

Why sticking to a raw food diet is easy:

  • How To Eat Mangoes

1. Peel.

2. Eat.

3. Repeat.

  • How To Eat Bananas

1. Peel it like a chimp would do.

2. Eat like a chimp.

3. You'll be as healthy as a chimp.

These Ataulfo mangoes are a great candidate when starting a raw food diet. There are different types of mangoes. Yellow mangoes are the best. Asian mangoes are a favorite. They are creamy and aren't stringy than the other types.

So let's have some!

South Florida MangoesAtaulfo Mangoes sold in South Florida
  • Ataulfo Mangoes
  • Fully ripe Bananas
  • Pitted Dates
  • Pomegranate Seeds for the sprinkle
  • Peel the mangoes, slice them & put them on a pretty plate
  • Peel the bananas & blend them with a few pitted dates and 1/2 a cup of water
  • Pour the date banana mixture over mangoes
  • Sprinkle with the gem-like pomegranate seeds

Hmm. Saucy and delicious! As always, making fruit as a meal keeps you fully satiated. A plateful of creamy mangoes with banana sauce is a 'Yes' for me!

It has been documented that following a raw food diet leads to a long healthy delicious life. Just take the monkeys as an example. Nobody cooks their meals. They just eat their food raw. They seem fine, right?

Raw vegan recipes are easier to prepare than you think. Stick to it by consuming all the fruits you like and you'll likely to succeed with the raw food diet. Never force yourself to eat a fruit you don't like.

Reboot your body after a series of unhealthy eating.

How to stick to raw food vegetarian lifestyle:

If you are just starting a raw food diet, eat your ultimate favorite fruits you can stick with. Bananas are readily available no matter where you are, thank God for that! They are the least pricey fruits as well.

Don't worry about the potassium issue. It's not true. Read some books. Research. Self-educate. Bananas are number one food for athletes.

When eating raw foods as your lifestyle, you eat the right foods based on how you feel. The best way to stick to it is to eat the ones you like best. Eat one type of fruit until you're fully satiated. It's called monomeal eating which is said to be better on the digestive system.

Starting a raw food diet with vegetarian salads is a very good idea too! Make salad interesting with the works!

Take care of your body... because you know... without it, where would you live?

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