Sprout Salad Recipe - LIVING food at it's simplest form.

Sprouting is the easiest way to have a garden in your own kitchen whether you live in the country or in the wilds of the city. Make this Sprout Salad recipe. Yummy!

Favorite Sprout Salad Recipe made with Vegan Cashew Dressing

Sprouting your own beans or seeds is the most economical way to integrate living food into your diet. Making those vegan salad recipes is easy and cost mere pennies when you grow your own baby greens.

You can grow them from just about any dried  beans that you like. Soybeans, mung beans (mungos), lentils, garbanzo beans and alfalfa seeds are good examples. These tiny seeds make a great bowl of easy salads and healthy lunches full of micro-greens!

Delicate little baby plants called sprouts contains so much live nutrients. Some menopausal women claim that they 'do not' experience hot flashes from daily consumption of these little greens. 

Experts say that the biochemistry or process that transforms these seeds into little tiny plants unlocks the amazing healing properties that contain plant flavonoids (anti-oxidants), enzymes, minerals and proteins.

Makes sense, beans are high in protein that are easy absorbed by the body.

No doubt they are simple medicine you can grow right in your kitchen. These tiny little living plants are extremely rich in nutrients necessary for survival.

Here's a simple home grown bowl of yumminess for a vegetarian lunch.

Beansprouts salad recipe put together easily.
  • Avocado
  • Garden Tomatoes
  • Olives
  • Lettuce
  • Alfalfa Sprouts


  • Cashew Dressing/Dip
  • Cashew Cheese sprinkled on top

Refreshing. Satisfying. Crunchy. It's not bulky in the tummy. It's a feel-good lunch. Make it as side dish for dinner if you wish. It's a perfect raw vegetarian vegan food.

Toss them in your sandwiches as substitute for lettuces for a great vegetarian lunch!

How to sprout seeds:

sprouts grown in the kitchenAlfalfa sprouted on the kitchen counter

Experimenting with different dried beans is a good idea when growing these 'medicine-in-the-kitchen' - that's what they are. Personally, I like alfalfa the most. They're very delicate and so tasty in sandwiches.

These little tiny plants are known to ease arthritis pain. Why? Because they're  living food. It has all the little plant embryos that are packed with healing nutrients. One good reason why we should eat more of it and incorporate it into our diet.

It's very easy to make sprouts from your very own seeds. All you need is dried beans of your choice. You can grow any type of dried beans. Put them in a jar and rinse everyday. In about 4 days you'll see your beans coming to life. 

If you like mung beans, check out this mung beansprouts salad recipe

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